Big Whistle Music

Phil Brown (co-director) is a ‘veteran’ of the Tin Whistle’ and has been playing this accessible instrument since the age of 15. Phil is an arts graduate and accomplished multi-instrumentalist. As a performer his work with Loose Chippings and Shake-a-Leg is well respected. More particularly his success as a recording artist has contributed greatly to the development of Big Whistle – Phil has cut three highly successful Whistle CD’s since 1995. He is in great demand nationally as a workshop leader and inevitably this has lead to his market leading specialist product knowledge of the high or low whistle. Additionally, the loyal fan base Phil has gained as a result of his groundbreaking albums underpins the reason why he is affectionately known as ‘the whistle man’.

Jill Brown, Phil’s wife is the Company Director. Jill is also well versed with understanding the folk scene and is a most accomplished folk dancer. Jill’s formal retail and financial training and experience ensure that the business is well managed and administered.

Phil loves playing the whistle and naturally hopes to encourage whistlers worldwide to share in this enthusiasm. It is unimportant if you are a raw beginner or a fully-fledged professional, they have something for you. It is not necessary to make a purchase, their advice is free and if they can support you they will. If they don’t have an answer to your questions they will probably know someone who does!

Their stock is devised to be comprehensive and to represent the comprehensive range of retail whistle material available. Starting with the highest and smallest of whistles to biggest and lowest! We want our whistle range to be unrivalled. Similarly ancillary products which relate to the instrument are in force too….tutor books, CD’s, Videos, Bags of all shapes and sizes.

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