Tradition Bearers

The Tradition Bearers is a project that aims to bring to the fore the role of the current generation of traditional singers and musicians in our musical heritage.

We are developing a series of recordings but 'The Tradition Bearers' is much more than a series of recordings. It is a statement of belief in the value of traditional song and a key aim is to 'legitimise' or 'justify' the work of the current generation of traditional musicians. Part of this task is to point out to the world, and to some extent to the singers themselves, that they are part of a living tradition and that they are no less a traditional musician than those in the past.

It is now no longer possible to listen to some of the great traditional singers from Scotland's past, people like Jeannie Robertson, Willie Scott or Lizzie Higgins, other than on recordings. Whilst these recordings convey something of their art they can never quite capture the spirit and presence that these great singers had in a live performance.

However by listening to current masters of their art in live performance, it is possible both to gain a deeper impression and understanding of some of the great singers of the past, together with the experience of listening to a present day masters of traditional music. Be prepared for the hairs on the back of your neck to stand on end - that frisson which tells you that you are experiencing something really special. In every case it is not just the singer but also the songs which are special and for these singers, the songs come first, the key perhaps to why they are held in such high regard.

Our complete catalogue now extends to over 20 CDs, grouped into various themes, such as Scots Songs and Ballads, Borders Traditions, 'Magic of Live' series and American Songs & Ballads.

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