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Claddagh Records CCF34CD

Folk Music has always been about mixing and matching styles and influences. If the cap fits wear it; if you like this tune and that set of words, fit them in - style and intention almost always winning over content. Traditional Music follows much closer tolerances as regards technique, playing style and repertoire. Changes do take place but at a slower pace. Many view this as a restraint but this inherent stability acts more like a safety line reaching back to the core values of that particular tradition.

'2 Worlds United', is a joining of two particular and strong traditions represented by Dermot Byrne (button accordion, Donegal, Ireland) and Pierre Schryer (fiddle, Ontario, Canada). These two exponents are splendidly united in the playing and performance of these sets of tunes while the tunes themselves are arranged with some regard to the traditions in which they were formed. There are no French Canadian versions of, 'The Road to the Glen' or 'The Silver Slipper' nor any slip jig variations on, 'Piont au Pic' or 'Galope et Chaine de Cotillon'. So, the 2 worlds don't completely unite, though I'm sure that was never the intention in the first place, this is more a gentle collision with a deal of swapping of views and perspectives.

What's in it for us is a taste of the best of both worlds, with includes material which hails from Quebec, Ireland, Scotland and Cape Breton and a fine medley of three tunes written by Pierre Schryer.

Peter Fairbairn.

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This album was reviewed in Issue 43 of The Living Tradition magazine.