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CLOUDSTREET - The Fiddleship CDST03

Cloudstreet are Australian duo Nicole Murray and John Thompson (A "cloudstreet" is a row of thermals marked by cumullus clouds. When gliders fly from thermal to thermal by following the clouds, they "fly the cloudstreet", staying aloft for miles. so now you know!). They perform a delightful mix of traditional ballads, contemporary songs and instrumentals featuring Nicole's remarkable flute playing. For me the highlights are their rendition of the Childe Ballad King Willy and the haunting singing on their own composition The Diggins-Oh about the goldfields around Bendigo and Ballaarat. They have been on a really long tour in the UK but they plan to be back in 2005. They have a good website at if you want to find out more about them and order the CD. Oh.don't be in too much of a hurry to take the CD out of your player. There is a delightful surprise in store for those with a little patience.

Phil Thomas

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