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SARAH-JANE SUMMERS - Highland Strathspeys For The Fiddle:

SARAH-JANE SUMMERS - Highland Strathspeys For The Fiddle:
Highland-Style Scottish Strathspey Bowing & Ornamentation.  Lower Intermediate – Advanced (DVD)
Dell Daisy Records DELL002

There are five nicely varied strathspeys dealt with here and, as it says on the box, these are dealt with in 5 progressive lessons, during which Sarah-Jane explains and demonstrates a wide range of techniques and ornamentation.  All this can be done by ear, but the accompanying booklet contains the dots – these are only a starting point as can be seen from the variety and change with she invests in each of the tunes. 

As it says – this is not a beginner’s DVD, but for those a bit more advanced, there is much to ponder and admire.  My main criticism is that the camera angle, whilst beautifully illustrating the bowing and the top of the fingers, rarely allows you to see the fingerboard – perhaps an inserted window doing this could have been used?  A minor quibble.  I’ve learned a lot from this excellent DVD and have enjoyed spending time with such a pleasant and rewarding teacher.

Paul Burgess
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