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An interesting, if somewhat brave project this. WInvite some friends to sing and play, a sympathetic and enthusiastic audience and record what is basically your live set. The guests are too many to mention but all are well known and respected, some are even related to half of this duo!!!

From the opening of "Girl gone wrong", through the excellent "Piecework" and "Devil in me", right to the penultimate tack on Stage one, "Shot through the heart", the songs seem to flow effortlessly. The same is true of Stage two which includes Julie's hit "Thorn and the rose". Every track another little gem showing what an excellent pair of songwriters they are. It would be unfair to mention the individual talents of their guests but their contributions are, I feel, never intrusive whilst adding interest. However, just to show Chris and Julie can "manage" on their own, there are enough tracks which are just "them". Part of their appeal is that you feel you can sing along even when you don't know the words.

Only three tracks are included which are not penned by the duo (mostly individual compositions) --- an excellent, if unusual, Beatles cover, a tribute to Dusty Springfield and an amazing finisher in Stephen Bishop's "Separate Lives".

All in all an enjoyable listen which I'm sure will sell well at their live appearances.

Dave Beeby

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This album was reviewed in Issue 43 of The Living Tradition magazine.