Spiers and Boden

SPIERS and BODEN - Tunes
Fellside Recordings FECD192

There’s something you can tell just by glancing at the sleeve of a CD that if it looks good (generally) the contents are good. Indeed, if it’s a case of the names Spiers and Boden being mentioned then it’s a sure bet! Evoking memories of the 5 Hand Reel sleeve with the knife and beetle this one creates a sense of I’d buy it on the strength of the image. But at the end of the day, what’s important is what lies beneath and I’m pleased to report that here is a true box of delights. Starting with ‘The Sportsman’s Hornpipe’ where John Spiers melodeon takes the lead underpinned by Jon Boden’s pizzicato fiddle this is an object lesson in how to make things interesting for the listener. The duo are certainly re-awakening the interest in the performance of English tunes much as did John Kirkpatrick in the heady days of the Albion Country Band (‘The Old Lancashire Hornpipe’) and the melodies composed by the lads themselves stand well against the more traditional greats such as ‘The Cuckoo’s Nest’ and ‘Trunkles’. By the way, for any musicians looking for a tune to get down and boogie to check out Spiers infectiously syncopated ‘Rampant’, it’s a blast! For their fans - and there are legions of them - this will be a must have purchase, for those who are only just discovering them it may well take a little getting used to and probably the follow up album Songs (what else) will be more to their liking.

Pete Fyfe

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