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FLORIDA - Untitled


CDs by dance bands are not always my cup of tea - some I consider to be dire- but there are exceptions. And this is one of those exceptions. It's a high quality offering which even makes this non-dancer feel like tapping his feet, getting out of the chair and dancing round the living room. Only feel like it though!!!

Celebrating their first fifteen years, Florida's "Untitled"- so called because many of the best tunes are dubbed that - is good value for money, weighing in at nearly sixty minutes. Right from the opening notes on the brass you know what you are going to get, something as English as the beverage mentioned at the start. Good time jazz fuses with English country, no drums here as the rhythm is more than ably provided by bass and electric guitar, whilst the solid mix of brass, woodwind, melodeon and fiddle supply the melodies.

The material is a good example of how to mix the familiar with the less well known, whilst still sounding original and fresh. This is happy music, the sort that can put a smile on your face, but what would you expect from one of the most popular dance bands on the circuit. Something that I didn't know, or had forgotten, is that they feature one current and two ex members of the musicians who give the amazing Seven Champions Molly Dancers their unique sound. Enough said. A great listen, good for doing the housework to, but if you have an aversion to smiling or foot tapping it's not for you! It has been worth the long wait.

Dave Beeby

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