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FACE THE WEST "Edge of Reason" F.T.W. Records FTWCD001 Face

The West are seven young (average age eighteen) musicians from The Isle of Lewis who between them play accordion, acoustic and electric guitars, fiddle, whistles, keyboard, bass and percussion. They also provide some nice vocals in Gaelic and English. Their choice of material is a mixture of Scottish and Irish traditional and more recent compositions, all stylishly arranged by the band. The first time you listen to "Edge of Reason" you are instantly aware that Face The West are a very talented band. They are in fact an award winning outfit. When you consider that the band had only been formed two years before "Edge of Reason" was recorded and had undergone line-up change even in that short time, the drummer being "roped-in" only two weeks before the recording, their togetherness is amazing. The music is full of drive, interest and confidence. "Edge of Reason" is a very competent debut CD and should get the band the wider exposure they deserve. Face The West are one to watch, things can only get better for them. Oh! one thing lads, on your next release make sure the notes are a little easier for tired old reviewers eyes to read.

Danny Saunders

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This album was reviewed in Issue 43 of The Living Tradition magazine.