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Daimh - “Moidart to Mabou” - GIMCD001

Although they are all now based in the West Coast of Scotland, the young musicians who make up the band come from California, Cape Breton and Eire as well as Scotland, and reflect this diversity in their name, which roughly translates as "affinity", with their love of Gaelic culture being the bond that unites them. The band's line-up is Angus MacKenzie, pipes; Ross Martin, guitar, Colm O'Rua, banjo and mandola; Gabe McVarish, fiddle; and James Bremner, bodhran. On this, their first release, they are joined by guests Iain MacDonald, Anne Martin, Ingrid Henderson and John Pursor, and the net result is a pulsating package of pure power and polished performance - but enough of alliteration.

The sets of tunes selected here manage to give a true reflection of the electricity these guys generate in live performance, with all instruments excellently mixed and produced so that none overpowers, rather all interweave with a drive that emphasises the fact that here's a band who are enjoying themselves like mad and are not afraid to let you hear that. This doesn't mean a lack of discipline, however, as the sound is as tight as you can get. There are a couple of songs and a slower air for balance, but the rest of the eleven tracks are spirited and extremely listenable, with a personal favourite being the 'Jerry's Pipe Jig / Slainte do Mhabu / Donella Beaton / Munera de Casu' set.

This is a band with an immense range of talent and a great potential - if you can, go to hear them live, if not, buy the CD, or, better still, do both!

Gordon Potter

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This album was reviewed in Issue 46 of The Living Tradition magazine.