Eliza Carthy

Own Label

I can find no label name or catalogue number for this CD, which makes things difficult for would-be purchasers. Perhaps Margaret will furnish LT with the details at a later date.

However I have no problem in recommending the album, full of good songs and wholehearted singing as it is. Margaret Christl is of Scots origin but she has been a Canadian resident since 1966. It was in Canada that I first heard her sing, circa 1976, and was struck by the fact that she could sing Scottish songs with an authentic accent and with a wonderfully keen-edged voice, not knowing of her background at the time. As this CD shows she has lost none of those qualities, enabling her to handle the likes of ' Lassie Wi ' The Yellow Coatie', ‘The Swan Swims Sae Bonnie', and 'The Forfar Sodger' with ease. She has developed as a songwriter, with four of the tracks coming from her pen, the touching 'Song for Ariel' being a standout.

Simon Christl, Margaret's son I assume, joins with guitar and harmonies in some English songs, 'Babes in the Wood', and 'Hard Times of Old England' in a way that suggests that there are some mighty singing sessions held at this particular 'House of Song'. Margaret's voice shines throughout the album, soaring and strong, a mighty asset. A pity we have to go to Canada to hear her live.

Roy Harris