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TYDE - Tyde

Mrs Casey Records MCRCD0102

This is a beautiful debut album from a band who managed, armed with just a three-track demo, to get themselves booked into more than 10 major festivals this year. Which gives you just a hint of how good the album is. After all, in 2009 they were finalists in the BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Awards, so perhaps it should not be surprising how good they are, and not just technically.

Sets of tunes fly thick and fast thanks to the fluid and lyrical playing of Seth Tinsley on guitar, Heather Gessey, fiddle, and Andrew Waite, piano accordion. Then suddenly the tempo drops and you get a beautiful traditional song such as April Morn sung by Heather with intricate guitar work by Seth and a simple effective drone from Andrew. Or some beautiful guitar playing such as on Scottish fiddle player Donald Riddell's tune The Falls of Lora.

The musicianship on the album is stunning, yet dynamic and soulful, and each of them can play superbly whether assuming a backseat role or taking the lead solo. And the arrangements are flowing and organic.

There is even a tasty little hidden Quintet of the Hot Club of France-type track complete with vinyl crackle. Perfection.

Graham Gurrin

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