MacMeanma SKYECD36

With fourteen Gaelic songs, either unaccompanied or with the sparest of accompaniment, this pressure is all on Jenna Cumming's vocal chords to deliver the goods on this CD. Sure there is a bit of bouzouki here, a little piano there and some guitar in and around but they are all foils to the sophisticated instrument that is Jenna's voice. With a maturity that belies her years Jenna tackles the songs with delicacy, passion and anguish as required, and Gaelic song being what it is, there is a lot of anguish required (if it is not over a lost love it is over a land left behind).

Track by track Jenna's stunning voice beguiles the listener and each listen reveals new nuances. Hers is a voice that wraps itself around you and gives you a hug to say 'it will be all right' whatever has happened. Where the aforementioned instruments are used they have been very carefully placed to give Jenna all the space she needs. This is definitely an album where less is more. Those that appreciate Gaelic song will love this CD to pieces, those that haven't yet discovered the delights of the song of the Gael, should seek this CD out, and prepare to be seduced.

Chris MacKenzie

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