South Wind
Whing 001CD

One of the most well-kent characters on the Scottish scene features a cross-section here of the songs that most of us are familiar with hearing her sing, now available on CD. This is not, however, a new collection but a snapshot of how Maggie sounded some eight years ago. Many people remember Maggie and her sister Liz (as The Crookies). Sadly Liz died some eight years before this session. However, Maggie, now well established as a solo performer, gives a relaxed and confident account of herself on this outing.

The late Derek Moffat provides backing vocals, and the other original 'macs' also contribute. But this is in essence a platform for Maggie herself. The arrangements are simple and unambitious - but her voice doesn't lend itself to huge production values. Drawing from influences as diverse as the Leon Rosselson, Joni Mitchell and Michael Marra, with more than a smattering of trad, there should be something for everyone. My particular favourite is the Albions' ' Along the Pilgrim's Way' - but no MC debut recording would be complete without ' Roses From The Wrong Man' , a song which Maggie stole from Iain MacKintosh and has since made her own. The sleeve notes are a bit short on important detail. Who produced the album, for example? There's a mystery banjo player who doesn't get a mention. Apart from all that it's a competent debut. Her sister Liz would have been so proud.

Grem Devlin

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