The Living Tradition Issue 01
Featured in this issue -

  • Editorial - A Duty to Inform
  • The Boys of the Lough
  • Carolina Shout
  • Walt Michael & Co.
  • The Changing Face of Festivals
  • The North West of England
  • Sheffield & the East Midlands
  • The Northern Ireland Folk Scene
  • Edinburgh - The Fringe gets longer
  • Fly on the Wall - Hamish Moore's Diary,

Reviews - Issue Number 01

Four Men And A Dog - Shifting Gravel
Various Artists - The Transports
Rosemary Woods - Walking Together
Old Blind Dogs - New Tricks
Various Artists - The Iron Muse
Various Artists - Blow The man Down
Ian Walker - Crossing the Borderlines
Ben Sands - Take Your Tim
Vin Garbutt - The Bypass Syndrome
Patrick Street - All In Good Time
Battlefield Band - Quiet Days
Craobh Rua - The More That's Said The Less the Better
Catherine-Ann MacPhee - Canan Nan Gaidheal
Rua - Homeland
Various Artists - The Muckle Sangs
Ewan MacColl - The Real MacColl
Catherine-Ann MacPhee - Chi Mi'n Geamhradh
Blackeyed Biddy - Peace, Enjoyment, Love & Pleasure
Dervish - Harmony Hill
Ceolbeg - An Unfair Dance
Heather Heywood - By Yon Castle Wa