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The Living Tradition Issue 81

Far, Far, from Ypres - Soldiers songs from WW1 and modern song writing on themes or war and peace. Archie Fisher - Archie is one of the major figures of the revival, Steve McGrail starts an in depth feature on Archie's career. Craig, Morgan, Robson - explain their approach to songs and harmony with women's voices. Belshazzars Feast - Paul Sartin has many strings to his (O)boe including his work with Paul Hutchinson in the duo Belshazzars Feast. A lighthearted look at their work, reveals an underlying musical depth and creative input to a number of projects. Yorkshire Carol Tradition - Yorkshire has a distinct tradition of carol singing - mostly in pubs. Debbie Koritsas investigates. The Paul McKenna Band - a dynamic young group 'floor spotted' by Hugh Taylor. The Snapes - 'floor spotted' by Clive Pownceby. The Hebridean Celtic Festival - a photofeature and review by Debbie Kortitsas. The Pipeline - News from the world of piping.

Plus... Session Index, Letters, Live Reviews and all the latest news and CD reviews from the World of Traditional Music.

Reviews - Issue Number 81

Joan Baez - Day After Tomorrow
Bellowhead - Matachin
Alistair Brown - Deil in The Lum
Patricia Clark - The Lark's March
Dave Sheridan & Company - Sheridan's Guesthouse
The Demon Barbers - +24db
The Doonans - Further Along
Rosie Doonan - Moving On
Will Duke - Out of the Box
Mark Dunlop - Islands on the Moon
John Fairhurst - Joys of Spring
Genticorum - Malins Plaisirs
Alasdair Gillies - Loch Broom
Carmel Gunning - Corran Hill
Nick Keir - Fishing Up The Moon
Jeana Leslie & Siobhan Miller - In a Bleeze
Malinky - Flower & Iron
The Malkies - Suited and Booted
Philip G. Martin - Le Son Du Bois
Mawkin, Causley - Cold Ruin
Billy McComiskey - Outside The Box
Tom McConville - Tommy on Song
Megson - Take Yourself a Wife
Metheglin - Raining in Paradise
Jim Moray - Low Culture
Moving Hearts - Live In Dublin
Donnie Munro - An Turas
Timothy Neat - The Summer Walkers
Notts. Alliance - Faithful Heart
The Oddfellows - Monday Night at Nine
Sam Proctor - Natural Progression
Rachel & Lillias - Dear Someone
Rubus - Nine Witch Knots
Skelpaig - Aye?
Skilda - Spas
Skyhook - Skyhook
Spike Milligan and Jeremy Taylor - Live at Cambridge University
Jane & Amanda Threlfall - Sweet Nightingale
Various Artists - Heartstring Sessions
Various Artists - Sia
Various Artists - Irish Songs From Old New England
Various Artists - Far, Far From Ypres
Various Artists - Heartstrings
Various Artists - Moonshine Murder Mountains & Mudflats
Various Artists - Celtic Collection, the
Various Artists - A history of the english concertina
Various Artists - Before the night was out...
Various Artists - East Meets West
Mike Whellans - Fired-Up & Ready
Robin Williamson - Journey's Edge
Robin Williamson - The Celtic Bard