This year, Broadstairs will be different in some ways and exactly the same in others. It will still take place in a beautiful town with sandy beaches, a timeless Edwardian atmosphere and lots of cute shops, buzzy restaurants and vibrant cafes.

It’s a traditional folk music festival – and that remains right at the heart of Folk Week. Over the past 55 years, the festival has become a magnet for people who love authentic music and the opportunity to meet up with an extended family of every generation.  Its festival-goers love discovering new bands, seeing old favourites and chancing upon things you would never expect to see at a folk festival!

It will be an outdoor festival this year. Plans were put in place so that if there were a delay in the road map roll-out, the festival could still go ahead with the new format and the new venue – the Festival Arena with an outdoor stage where all the ticketed concerts will be held. The festival is still planning to have other outdoor events at the Bandstand and the Craft Fair has been revamped to be open air and not in marquees. 

So it's all systems go!  And guests include Breabach, The Young'Uns, Gigspanner Big Band, Merry Hell, Tim Edey, Sean Lakeman & Kathryn Roberts, Chris Wood, Banter, Reg Meuross, Knight & Spiers, Granny's Attic, Belshazzar's Feast, Brown Boots, Will Pound, Nick Hart and many more.

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