What is your folk club planning to do as pandemic restrictions lift? Will you be returning to the club format as it was before, or will you be doing something different – keeping some online sessions, for instance? Perhaps you are facing new challenges, e.g. your old venue has closed or is using its rooms differently.

LT contributor Paul Mansfield is interested in hearing from club organisers and regulars with a view to a future article in the magazine about how clubs have approached their next phase. He can be contacted at paulltfeedback@btinternet.com.

The earlier transition to online formats has been the subject of an academic article that Paul co-authored, combining perspectives from ethnomusicology, computer science and performance studies: Producing Liveness: The Trials Of Moving Folk Clubs Online During The Global Pandemic. It was presented at a Computer-Human Interaction conference in Japan in May, and is available online.  Search “Benford Mansfield Spence Performing Liveness” for a downloadable copy.