Folk Clubs

Folk clubs are usually run by local music enthusiasts. They tend to be run in rooms in hotels or pubs and usually licensed for drink. Don't be put off by the word "club" - you do not need to be a member and visitors are always welcome. They are less formal than a concert in a theatre, you will be much closer to the performers and be able to talk to performers about their music. Although tending to be informal, you will be expected to be quiet during the performances - it is not background music.

When clubs have a guest, these will be artists who have been booked usually to do two 30-40 minute performances supported by other local performers perhaps only contributing one song or two. If you are a performer yourself and make yourself known to the organiser, you may well be welcomed to "take the stage".

Clubs often have nights referred to as "singers nights". For these all the performances come from people who turn up to perform and there are no professional guest spots. These nights tend to be even less formal although you will still be expected to respect the courtesy of listening rather than talking during performances. You will be welcomed to take part but you don't have to. Listeners are welcome.

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Folk Clubs Elsewhere

We hope the following list will be a useful resource giving information and links to club's websites where you can find up to date information. If you know of any good folk clubs that might be added to this section, please let us know about them using the 'contact us' section of the website.

Another Bloody Folk Club, Toronto

Another Bloody Folk Club meets in The Yellow Griffin Pub (2202 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6S 1N4).
House band, three guests plus floor singers - First Sunday of the month October to June (but check dates)

Find out more here

English Folk Club, Bad Kissingen, Bavaria

This club has been running since 2014. For more info see: their facebook page or contact / +49.178.333.66.47

Ramsey Folk Club, Isle of Man

Ramsey Folk Club meets every Thursday night at The Mitre Hotel in Ramsey, IOM, from 8 - 11pm. The format is an acoustic singaround and people are always welcome to join in, or just to sit and listen. No membership is required and it's free to attend. The club is happy to encourage and embrace other genres, it doesn't have to be strictly 'folk'.

For more info see their open Facebook group

Rocking Good Folk Club, Groningen, The Netherlands

Slowly but surely the small stages, the folk clubs that put on Celtic and British folk are disappearing from The Netherlands. They are often the springboard for starting bands and a great place to see what is going on with Celtic and British Folk in The Netherlands and surrounding areas. From their heyday where every town had one or more folk clubs there are now a handful of consistently programming Folk Clubs left, with a few more organising events as and when.

A great reason to start up our own Folk Club, after 2 seasons of organising small scale acoustic concerts.

Between September and April, on average once every six weeks, we organise intimate concerts without amplification in the Rocking Good Folk Club, usually on a Sunday afternoon.

These Afternoon Concerts are top quality Celtic and British Folk in wonderful locations in the North of The Netherlands, in and around Winsum (province of Groningen). Intimate, acoustic concerts where the audience gets up close to the artists. Pure, no amplification.

There is space for a maximum of 50 audience members, where the emphasis is on being and listening together. No mics, no speakers, no cables, just a very intently listening audience that is there because they want to hear you and experience your music.

Our small stage is open to established and starting groups, and we arrange sessions and workshops to help bands develop their skills and learn to play a wide variety of Celtic and British Folk.

Once in a while we will organise a "present yourself" evening, where bands who have come up through the sessions and workshops can show off their skills to hiring locations.

We are open to touring musicians who have a Sunday afternoon free and would like to play in a small and intimate setting and in exceptional circumstances we can arrange an extra concert on a different day. So if you happen to be in The Netherlands or Northern Germany or you're organising your tour and you fancy popping over to meet your audience in a small and intimate setting, why not drop us a line and see if we have a free Sunday afternoon for you to relax and play some music.

Drop us a line at

Or for more info see: Rocking Good Folk Club website

Folk Clubs in England

We hope the following list will be a useful resource giving information and links to club's websites where you can find up to date information. If you know of any good folk clubs that might be added to this section, please let us know about them using the 'contact us' section of the website.

Accrington Folk Club

This new folk club is held at the Accrington Cricket Club (BB5 5BD) every alternate Wednesday from 8.30-11pm.

Amberley Acoustic

Amberley Acoustic Music Club meets at The George and Dragon in Houghton, near Amberley, West Sussex, BN18 9LW, (01798 831559) where the beer is excellent, the pub (one of the oldest in Sussex) full of delightful character and where there is food available until 9.00 pm.

We usually meet First and Third Tuesday nights but other Tuesdays are also used.

First Tuesdays are usually a 'Convivium Musicale' which is not just a singaround but is people playing and singing with and to each other, talking about music (and many other things) and sometimes just coming to listen.

Third Tuesdays are usually guest nights.

If there is a 5th Tuesday in the month we often host an acoustic open mike / singers / musicians evening....

Music starts after 8.00 pm, the exact time being determined by the number in the audience... and we finish at 11 pm.
It is not always easy to park before about 8.15 pm but remember you can park on the road.
Music includes local singers doing short floor spots, extended floor spots and sessions from singers and players as well as excellent professional acts.

The music is varied.... Traditional, country, blue grass, hot 1930s jazz, and a good few singer songwriters. It is our unswerving policy to put on acts whose priority is to entertain and who like to engage with the audience rather than impress. If you go away at the end of the evening with a smile on your face, we have succeeded!!

For anyone looking for a floor spot, extended floor spot , shorter session or full gig, contact Andy. Always pleased to hear from singers and players, new and old to the club. We will always do what we can to get you on.

The room holds 40 people comfortably and because of the rather soft acoustics we do usually have a PA to share out the joy of the music to those at the back! We do ask everyone for a modest entry fee, usually just a voluntary contribution for Convivium nights, £2 for open mike nights, £4 or £5 for guest nights.

For more info see: Amberley Acoustic website

Ashington Folk Club

Ashington Folk Club has a mixture of residents and visitors performing everything from traditional to contemporary music, blues, classics, country and poetry. It is held in the Miners Institute in Ashington.

An open mic night is held on the first Thursday of each month held in the Folk Bar from 8.30pm,come along and perform or just listen. Guest nights are held on the third Thursday of each month.

See their myspace page for more details:Ashington Folk Club

Bacca Pipes Folk Club, Keighley

The bacca pipes folk club is held every Friday at 8.30pm at The Ukrainian Club, 9 Henry Street (off Cavendish St), Keighley.

See their website for details: Bacca Pipes Folk Club

Barnsley Folk Club

Meets every Monday, Music Session 8 to 9pm, Singers and Musicians 9 pm
All Welcome, Occasional Gigs.
Venue- Barnsley Trades club, Racecommon Road / Townend, S70 2AA

For more info see: Barnsley Folk and Acoustic Nights

Beehive Folk Club, Harthill, Sheffield

This club meets on the first Friday of every month at 8.00pm prompt at the Harthill Village Hall, Winney Hill, Harthill, Sheffield S26 7YL.

For more info see: Beehive Folk Club

Bellingham All Acoustic Music Club (BAA Club)

Bellingham All Acoustic or the ‘Baa’ Club takes place in the back conservatory of the Riverdale Hall Hotel on the 4th Thursday of every month (except December) at 8.30pm. This intimate room, seating 40 maximum, provides the perfect surroundings for the enjoyment of acoustic music.

The idea of the club is to promote live music at two different levels. Firstly to provide a platform for invited guest artists who the club feel deserve a wider audience. Some of these will be local, others from further a field. Secondly they want to encourage music making within the local community. They have several floor spots before the guest comes on, so if anyone feels they could contribute a song, tune or verse on the night, then they’d love to see you. Everyone is welcome, even if you just want to come along, sit back and listen!

See their website: BAA Club

Black Diamond Folk Club, Birmingham

This club meets on Fridays between 8 and 10.30pm at the The Lamp Tavern, 157 Barford Street, Highgate, Birmingham B5 6AH

See their website: Black Diamond Folk Club

Black Fen Folk Club, Cambridge

A friendly Cambridge folk club with a focus on traditional music. This club runs acoustic Open Stage nights and gigs every Sunday night at the NCI club, Holland Street, Cambridge, CB4 3DL.

For more info see: Black Fen Folk Club website

Black Swan Folk Club, York

The club meets every Thursday evening at 8pm in the upstairs room of the Black Swan Inn, Peasholme Green, York, YO1 7PR.

See website for details:Black Swan Folk Club

Bodmin Folk Club

Held in The Barley Sheaf Pub, 2 Lower Bore Street, Bodmin. Every Friday at 8.15pm

See their website:Bodmin Folk Club

Bollington Folk Club

This long-running club meets every Friday, 8:30pm at the Dog & Partridge, Palmerston St, Bollington, SK10 5JX.

Most Fridays are Singers Nights, but we also have regular Guest nights

For more info see: their website or contact us on bollyfolk[at] - or ring Pete Wood on 01625 573255

Bothy Folk Club, Southport

The Bothy Folk Club meets Sunday nights from September until July at the Park Golf Club, Park Rd West, Southport at 8pm and has regular, nationally famous guests, alternating with singers nights when it is your chance to 'have a go' if you want.

For more details see: Bothy Folk Club, Southport

Bourne Folk Club, Salisbury

For more info see Salisbury Folk

Bournemouth Folk Club

Promoting two gigs a week at the fabulous venue 'Centre Stage', Queens Road, Westbourne, Bournmouth, this club boasts a vibrant young folk scene of acoustic songwriters and folk-influenced instrumentalists. It also presents top national names from the UK folk scene and monthly acoustic blues and bluegrass gigs. Meets Sunday and Thirsday evenings.

For more details see: Bournemouth Folk Club

Brackley Folk Club

Brackley Folk Club meets every Sunday in the Greyhound, has regular guest nights, welcomes any music style, and has strong connections with the Brackley Morris. It also runs free folk day every June.

Contact Don on 01280 840219, or or see their website HERE

Bracknell Folk Club

This club meets on Tuesday evenings from 8:30 p.m. at The Sun in Windlesham - 1, Chertsey Rd, Windlesham, Surrey GU20 6EN.
The club has a guest night every three weeks or so, and singers' nights on other weeks.
For more info see: Bracknell Folk Club website

Bridge Folk Club, Newcastle

Held on Mondays at 8:30 pm, in the Bridge Hotel, Newcastle, NE1 1RQ.

Every Monday night you are guaranteed a plethora of fine singers with material ranging from mainly traditional to contemporary. We have had songs from Sweden, Germany, Spain, Japan, Australia, North America, England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Everyone who comes along is encouraged, but never forced, to participate whether it be a song, poem, monologue, or just join in the choruses. Admission on singers nights is £1 which includes free raffle for bottle of wine or CD.

We aim to get as varied a range of guests as possible, while trying to stay close to tradition to cater for the varied tastes of our audience. Varied admission charges apply on guest nights.

Liquid refreshment abounds with guest beers and a fine selection of real ales from both micro breweries and long established favourites

See their website: Bridge Folk Club

Bridgnorth Folk Club

This club meets every first Tuesday of the month from 8pm at the White Lion Inn, Bridgnorth.

For more details see: The White Lion Website

Brighton Acoustic Club

This club meets at The Lord Nelson, 36 Trafalgar Street, Brighton on the first Monday of each month.

It's an informal floor-spot set up, with a featured guest act. Given that there is no PA, most of the regular performers have a folk / roots background, whether performing traditional or original material.

Admission free - with donation encouraged!


For more info see: Brighton Acoustic Club website

Bromsgrove Folk Club

Meets, on the Second and Last Thursday of every month at the Catshill Club, 13 Meadow Road, Catshill, BROMSGROVE, B61 0JJ

Website: Bromsgrove Folk Club

Bude Folk Club

This is an acoustic Folk Club, which meets at The Falcon Hotel, Bude, in The Carriage Room, every other Sunday at 8pm until about 11pm.

For more info see their website

Burnley Folk Club

This is a friendly club which meets up every Friday at the Woodman Inn, Todmorden Road.

It’s an 8:30 pm start and we sing, play, listen and drink until last orders.

The evening is run as a session and all levels of musical ability are welcome.

All are welcome, to take part or simply to listen.

Guest nights also start at 8:30 pm

No P.A.

Acoustic instruments only, please.

Every Friday is a singers’ night unless a guest booked

For more info see: Burnley Folk Club Website

Burntwood Folk Club

This club meets at the Ashmore Club, in Hammerwich, Burntwood. The club was founded to bring together like-minded musicians, storytellers and anyone who enjoys listening to a broad range of acoustic music. For details of coming events, see: the Club facebook page

Burton Folk Club

For 50 years, this club has brought the very best local, national and international artistes on the folk scene to Burton upon Trent.

The club meets on Friday nights at The Albion Tap House, Shobnall Road, Burton upon Trent DE14 2BE from September - June. Doors open at 7.00pm for 8.00pm start. The club alternates guest nights and singarounds.

For more info see: Burton Folk Club

Cadgwith Folk Club

Cadgwith Folk Club runs from the Cove Inn in Cadgwith, Cornwall, every Tuesday from 9pm.

Cambridge Folk Club

The Cambridge Folk Club is a live music club, embracing all styles of acoustic and folk music. Their performers are local, national and international musicians who are creative, talented and original in their performance.

Meets Fridays, The Golden Hind, 355 Milton Road, Cambridge.

For more details see: Cambridge Folk Club

Carlisle Folk & Blues Club

This club meets in the Carlisle Ex Services Mens Club at the junction of Victoria Place and Albert Street in Carlisle City Centre on alternate Friday nights.

For info email or see Club Website

Carrington Triangle Folk Club

The Carrington Triangle Folk Club is open every Wednesday at The Gladstone, Loscoe Road, Carrington. It has a range of excellent beers to whet the appetite of any visitor. Singers, musicians, poets, story tellers and just listeners are very welcome. The club enjoys any kind of music or ditty from the ballad to rock n roll both traditional and contemporary. They enjoy singing with other people, and songs with a chorus. They have guests monthly.

A special feature of the club is the free veggy curry provided every week by the genial m.c.

For more info see their myspace page

Cast Folk Club, Doncaster

Cast Folk Club in Doncaster presents double-bills and headliners every month in both its main and second spaces bringing in big names from across the country.
For more info see: the club's website or phone the box office on 01302 303 959

Cellar Upstairs, London

Held in the Calthorpe Arms, Grays Inn Road, London, on Saturdays at 8pm.

See website for more details:The Cellar Upstairs

Central Bar Folk Club, Gateshead

This folk club is held upstairs in the Central Bar, next to the Tyne Bridge on Hills Street, and meets on the 3rd Thursday of each month from 12.30 till 3.30pm. It's run in a sing around style, with some well known NE performers attending.
The bar serves food as well as a selection of draught ales and spirits etc.

Cottingham Live Folk Club

Held in The Back Room, 173 Hallgate, Cottingham, this is one of the most progressive live music clubs in the area with all acoustic music being welcome.

If you are just starting or an accomplished performer you will be very comfortable in this friendly folk club. Meeting each Wednesday at 8.00pm, the majority of nights are reserved for local performers. At least once a month some of the best guest artist are invited to perform closing only for Christmas and the school summer holidays.

For more info see: Cottingham Live website

Cramlington Folk Club

Cramlington Folk Club was established in 1972 and is one of the longest running folk clubs in the country. They meet every Tuesday at the Hind, starting at 8 pm.

There are guest performers every other week and singers nights in between. It's quite common to have as many as twelve to fourteen acts on singers nights!

For more info see : Cramlington Folk Club Website

Croydon Folk Club

8pm, Mondays at Ruskin House, 23 Coombe Road, Croydon.
Website: Croydon Folk Club

Cutty Wren Folk Club

Cutty Wren Folk Club, Redcar Borough Park Bowling Club, Thwaites Lane, off Redcar Lane, Redcar, Teesside TS10 2FD. Weekly on Tuesdays at 8 p.m.

Contact: Phone 01287 659242

For more info see Cutty Wren Folk Club

Darlington Folk Club

The Darlington Folk Club meets at The Copper Beech, Neasham Road, Darlington, Co Durham DL1 4DH, on thursdays at 8pm. All details of guests/singarounds are on the website.

For more info see: Darlington Folk Club

Dartford Folk Club

Held at the Dartford Working Men's Club, Essex Road, Dartford, Kent, DA1 2AU
EVERY TUESDAY 8.30 - 11.00

Website:Dartford Folk Club

Davy Lamp Folk Club, Washington, Tyne and Wear

The Davy Lamp Folk Club meets in the Washington Arts Centre, on the first Saturday of the month. The evening starts with an informal session before the booked guests play.

For more details see: Davy Lamp Folk Club

Devizes Folk Club

Traditional and contemporary folk music and song, Monday evenings at 8pm (except August and bank holidays) in the Lamb Inn, St John's Street, Devizes, Wiltshire.

The club encourages singing, playing and performance and had a local guest and a major guest each month. All other nights are "singers nights"

The contact number for all enquiries is 07714 550990, or email or see their website

Dragon Folk Club, Worcester

The Dragon Folk Club was founded in 2016 and meets on the first and third Wednesday of the month from 8 - 10:30pm in the upper room of the Dragon Inn, The Tything, Worcester. The club has 3 song/15 minute floor spots and usually finishes the evening with an invited guest who plays a longer set.

For more info see: Dragon Folk Club website

Dunton Folk

This club meets in Dunton, just outside Biggleswade in Bedfordshire. It runs concerts throughout the year and also session on the first Tuesday of every month in the March Hare pub in Dunton. In addition we also organise the annual Wassail in an orchard in the centre of Dunton.

The folk music concerts take place in the superb setting of St Mary Magdalene Church. The acoustics of the church lend themselves to live music and a superb atmosphere is generated when live music is performed. A full bar is provided at all of our concerts by John and Janice of the March Hare pub.

For more info see: The Dunton Folk Website

Ely Folk Club

This club meets at The Lamb Hotel, Lynn Road. Concerts take place most months, usually on Wednesday evenings, and usually start at 8.30pm. They also host other events from time to time.

For more details see: Ely Folk Club

Everyman Folk Club, Saxmundham, Suffolk

Everyman Folk Club meet at The Riverside Centre, Gt Glemham Road, Stratford St Andrew, Saxmundham, Suffolk IP17 1LL. . It meets on the last Friday of each month during January to May and September to November. The bar opens at 7.30pm and all events start at 8.00pm prompt.

With Residents, Floor Singers and a Booked Guest Artist on every occasion, there is always a warm welcome for new performers and audience members.

For more details see: Everyman Folk Club

Faversham Folk Club

Faversham Folk Club meet every Wednesday at 8pm.

The Chimney Boy public house (in Preston Street, Post Code ME13 8PG for those of you who want to access a mapping programme or to use GPS navigation), where all regular meetings are held, is approximately a one minute walk from Faversham Railway Station (turn left out of the main station entrance and then take the first road on the right. You can already see the pub sign a few yards down the road on the left hand side.) Meetings are held in the upstairs room - Unfortunately there is no lift so the stairs must be climbed.

For more details see: Faversham Folk Club

First Tuesday Folk, Lowestoft

First Tuesday Folk
Stanford Arms
Stanford Street

Fleetwood Folk Club

The Fleetwood Folk Club is a friendly gathering of enthusiasts who enjoy listening to and performing acoustic music in any style. We meet every Thursday night at 8-30pm in

The Steamer
1-2 Queens Terrace

The Fleetwood Folk Club caters for all types of acoustic music, from traditional English ballads, Irish jigs and reels, jazz, classical, blues, rock and roll, contemporary song writers and many other forms of music. Tell a joke or story, read a poem you are sure to find a friendly audience. In addition we have guest artists featuring some of the best acts on the scene.

For more details see: Fleetwod Folk Club

Folk Around Fishponds, Bristol

Folk Around Fishponds (FAF) is an acoustic folk club run by live music enthusiasts. "Folk" music can mean different things to different people, but basically FAF is a live music performing club with a foot firmly in the folk tradition. During an average evening, music played may range from traditional folk to blues, Americana, jazz, rock, pop covers, old faves, humorous songs and more. We're acoustic, so can't really be called an "open mic" night, and use amplification only occasionally if guest performers require it. All welcome - singers, musicians and audience!

We cater for different levels of ability ranging from experienced performers to relative beginners, but you do obviously need to be able to hold a tune! We're a friendly bunch, very supportive of newcomers and regulars alike. Come along and give it a try! Normally there's an MC and other members of the "committee" are there to see things run smoothly, and on a normal night we may start with each performer playing or singing 2 songs each in turn, then see how the time goes! We have special guests every 3-4 months, so on a "guest" night other performers may be limited to 1 or 2 songs each depending again on time.

FAF started in 1999 as an informal musical get-together, and 2 of the 4 "founder members" - Colin and Richard - are still regulars at the club. Over the years, living up to its name, the club has at various times been held in a number of pubs in Fishponds - starting out in The Cross Hands, residing for a couple of lengthy spells at The Cross Keys, and also briefly flirting with The Portcullis and The Star. Autumn 2012 saw the club move back into The Cross Hands, in the very pleasant atmospheric upstairs function room.

Since late 2012, folk nights are held twice a month - on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays from 8pm.

Venue details:
Cross Hands Tavern,
1 Staple Hill Rd, Fishponds, Bristol BS16 5AA - at the junction of Fishponds Rd and Staple Hill Rd up by Straits Parade.

Entrance: £2 to cover the cost of the room. The bar is downstairs, and has a good selection of ales, lagers, cider, wines and other drinks. If you're arriving by car, there is plenty of parking space on nearby streets - Straits Parade, Downend Rd, Staple Hill Rd or Fishponds Rd itself.

For more info see: website

Folk At The Pump House, Watford

The Pump House opens its doors to folk every Friday from 8 in the Pump House, Watford. Host to the finest local and national folk artists around, a warm atmosphere and a well stocked bar await!

For more info tel 07859085958, or see their website

Folk On The Moor, Lee Mill

This club meets at at The Westward Inn, Lee Mill, on Sunday nights (except in August!). There is a mixture of club nights and singers nights. All are welcome.

For more info see their website

Folk at Norden Farm, Maidenhead

Held at Norden Farm Centre for the Arts, Altwood Road, Maidenhead.
For more details see:Folk at Norden Farm

Forest Folk, North Boarhunt, Hampshire

Forest Folk meets on the first Monday of the month for Singarounds – 7.30 to 11 pm; and third Mondays of the month for Concert Nights – 8 to 11 pm, doors open 7.30 pm, unreserved seating.

To reserve and buy tickets: Tel 01329 833625 / 023 9226 4288 / email

For more info see: Forest Folk website

Friday Folk Club, Guisborough

Formerly, Folk At The Globe, this club meets every Friday at 8.30pm in the Cricket Club, Guisborough. They have a mixture of singers and guest nights. All welcome.

For more info see: Friday Folk Club

Grand Union Folk Club, Sileby

Meeting at the Horse & Trumpet, 4 Barrow Road, Sileby, Leicestershire, LE12 7LP

Grand Union is a traditional style folk club that meets on Monday nights in the friendly setting of a village pub serving a range of real ales. A place to sit back, relax and lose yourself for a few hours in the company of like minded people with a love of traditional music.

Singarounds and guest nights start at 8.30pm. Singarounds are the very essence of what the club is about and are on the 2nd Monday of each month throughout the year (check the website for the January date if the 2nd Monday is Plough Monday). There is no formal entry charge, but a voluntary contribution of just £1 to help us offset our running costs would be most welcome. Guest night charges vary.

Traditional English Music Workshops/Sessions, which have a strong morris influence, take place in the Grand Union club room at the back of the pub and run from 7.30pm until 9.00pm. They regularly attract an ensemble of melodeons, English / Anglo concertinas, accordions, fiddles, guitars, whistles and recorders. The music is taken at a steady pace and they are open to anyone who has mastered the rudiments of their instrument and who has an interest in English Folk music. There is no formal entry charge but a voluntary contribution of just £1 to help us offset our running costs would be most welcome.

The sessions take place in the bar and run from 9.00pm until the landlord kicks us out. They are usually fronted by Martin Wildig and Phil Preen (subject to the commitments of the Bang On The Wall Ceilidh Band). The music has a bias towards the English traditional but apart from that the format is reasonably free. The sessions are open to any musician who enjoys playing traditional music, there is no entrance fee and the pub keeps a good cellar with real ales always available.

For more info see: Grand Union Folk Club website

Grayshott Folk Club

Grayshott Folk Club started life in January 2011 and is primarily based at:

Grayshott Village Hall, Headley Road, GRAYSHOTT, Nr. HINDHEAD, Surrey GU26 6TZ

The aim of Grayshott Folk Club is to put on quality music at affordable prices.

There is no membership or joining fee, you simply go along to the gigs you want to.

They strive to encourage and showcase local young musicians whilst offering the widest range of Folk, Roots and Acoustic Music from around the UK and abroad.

For more info see: their website

Great Knight Folk Club, Northampton

The Great Knight Folk Club meets on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday evenings of the month at The Old White Hart, Far Cotton, Northampton, NN4 8BS. If travelling any distance it is always safest to contact one of the organisers to confirm that it is actually happening!

For more info and contact details see Great Knight Folk Club's website

Gregson Lane Folk Club, Hoghton

The Gregson Lane Folk Club has provided a platform for LIVE ACOUSTIC music since 1988.
It meets at NETS BAR (- GREGSON LANE - HOGHTON - LANCASHIRE - PR5 0FD) at 8.30pm on alternate Thursdays with a mixture of 'SINGERS NIGHTS' (When Singers, Musicians and Listeners of all types of acoustic music are welcome) interspersed with several GUEST NIGHTS per year. Admission is FREE on singers nights and there is a modest DOOR CHARGE on GUEST NIGHTS. Please note some of the 'Specials' take place on Fridays or Saturdays.

For more info see: Gregson Lane website

Grimsby Folk Club

The Club meets at 8 pm on Sunday evenings from September to July and hosts a wide variety of guests. Its held at The Spiders Web, Carr Lane, Grimsby.

Website: Grimsby Folk Club

Hambledon Folk Club

Hambledon Folk Club is a small, friendly, village-based club. We meet on the second Wednesday of each month in the Youth Hut, next to the Village Hall and the Vine Inn, in West Street, Hambledon (PO7 4RW).

Each month we welcome a guest artist. We try to stage a wide variety of acts, usually acoustic, to please all tastes. A small number of floor singers and musicians perform at the start of the evening before the guest takes over to give us two sets with a short interval between.

As we are next door to The Vine you can bring in drinks from there or you are welcome to bring your own. We also serve tea and coffee at the club for a small charge.

For more info see: Hambledon Folk Club's website

Harrogate Folk Club

The Harrogate Folk Club meets at The Empress in Harrogate on the first Sunday of the month, alternating guest and singer's nights.
For more information see: the club's Facebook page

Haverfolk, Romford

HaverFolk meets in The Golden Lion, 2 High Street, Romford, Essex, RM1 1HR every Wednesday from 8pm to chucking out time.
They run mainly floor spots, with anyone welcome to perform or listen, and are most encouraging to beginners. There are also monthly professional guests and/or Members' Showcase evenings for those of a sufficiently high standard.

For more info call Peter on 01708 724544 or 07860 452623 or see the website HERE
or their facebook page HERE

Hitchin Folk Club, Hertfordshire

Hitchin Folk Club meets at The Sun Hotel, Sun Street, Hitchin, Herts., SG5 1AF. The club runs every Sunday throughout the year, with a summer break and short break at Christmas. Doors open at 7.30. The music starts at 8.15 promptly.

For more details see: Hitchin Folk Club

Horsham Folk Club

This club meets on Sunday Evenings at 8 pm at: The Normandy Centre Denne Road, Horsham, West Sussex RH12 1JF

Licensed bar - Non members welcome
Admission varies between £2 and £8 (discounted for members):
Under 21s get free admission to all events.

Horsham Fok Club welcomes singers, poets and acoustic musicians to the friendly atmosphere of their Sussex venue. The Normandy Centre in Denne Road has convenient parking and good beer!

We have a singaround at least once a month and we make sure that everyone gets a turn - if they want it! On the other hand you are also welcome just to come and listen to a wide variety of songs and styles from some very varied performers. We enjoy traditional as well as modern or self-penned songs and tunes, and the tremendous acoustics at the Normandy Centre have earned the club a reputation for good chorus singing.

We start at 8 p.m. and finish at about 10:30 p.m. but early risers or those with families needn't be concerned about leaving early; we'd still love to see you!

We have strong links with local Morris sides such as Broadwood, Magog, Sun Oak and Stane Street plus many others. Also the local ceilidh band 'Bonabrille' play regularly at our Song and Dance evenings.

The atmosphere is always friendly and encouraging so come and join us!

For more info see: Horsham Folk Club website

Hoy At Anchor Folk Club

The Hoy at Anchor Folk Club started in 1970 and is still going strong. As well as national & international artistes of great renown, there is normally a chance for local performers to show what they're worth, especially on Open Nights.
Club meets every Tuesday at The Royal British Legion, 7-9 Northview Drive, Westcliff on Sea - all are welcome. Music starts just after 8pm.

For more details see The Hoy Diary

Hungry Horse Folk Club, Ellesmere Port

Every Thursday!
Singers nights start at 8 p.m.
Concert nights usually once a month commence at 8.30 p.m.
Venue - Whitby Sports and Social Club, Chester Road, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire. CH65 6QF
For more details see: Hungry Horse Folk Club website or email

Lewes Saturday Folk Club

The Lewes Saturday Folk Club is a small folk club with a friendly, informal atmosphere. We moved from the Lewes Arms to The Elephant and Castle at the beginning of 2009. We mostly book performers of British traditional music, but we enjoy other styles as well. We like any member of the audience who wants to sing or play to have a turn, so have a couple of songs or tunes ready if you'd enjoy performing (but don't feel you've got to if you don't want to.) We are a no smoking club.

Every so often we book musicians to hold an instrument workshop in the day and give an evening performance in the club. We also run theme evenings from time to time. They are often connected with the season and whenever possible we serve traditional seasonal food at them, such as plum shuttles on Valentine's Day, soul cakes at Halloween and home-made bread and cheese at harvest.

Another regular event is a tunes session led by an individual player. Everyone is welcome to bring an instrument and join in; we mostly play English dance tunes. Singers are welcome too, as usual. A practice session is held in the clubroom once a month for people who would like to learn the tunes popular in local sessions.

Although it's called a club for historic reasons, there are no membership fees or cards. On guest nights we charge entrance on the door, varying depending on the guest but usually between £3 and £6. All money taken goes to the guest performer. On theme nights, tune sessions and sing-arounds the entry charge is £3. Our advertising costs are covered by a weekly raffle.

Residents: Bryan Creer, Dave Earl, Sandra Goddard, Valmai Goodyear, Suzanne Higgins, Diane & Steve Nevill, George Oakley, Robert O'Mahony, Derek Seed and Denise & Stuart Savage

For more details see: Lewes Saturday Folk Club

Lichfield Folk Dance Club

Meeting most Monday evenings, club nights are normally at the Bader Hall of King Edward School, Kings Hill Road, Lichfield WS14 9DE, except in school holidays, when the club normally use St Chad’s Church Hall, The Leasowe WS13 7HD. New members are always welcome, including beginners.

For more info see their website

Lincoln Folk Club

This club meets fortnightly on the second and fourth Thursday Nights, with floor singers and occasional guest nights, at Grafton House, No 32 Newland, Lincoln LN1 1XJ, from 8.00 to 11.00pm.
For any further details please ring Colin on (01522) 880968.

Liverpool Sea Shanty Session - Off The Starboard Bow

Hosted By Trim Rig and A Doxy, Mick & Mary McGarry and Andy Kenna.
The session is in the Baltic Fleet Public House, Wapping, and is callled Off The Starboard Bow (The Back room we use is to the right of the rounded front of the pub they call the bow.)
First Saturday of every month - 8.30pm onwards.

The Baltic Fleet is the last surviving sailor town pub at the heart of Liverpool's historic dock land. Free Entry. All are welcome, Singers and Listeners alike.

For more info see: their website

Loughborough Folk Club

The club is held on 2nd and 4th Friday of the month (with occasional additional events), upstairs at The Old Pack Horse Inn,4 Woodgate, Loughborough. (8-30 start)

See website for more details: Loughborough Folk Club

Loughton Folk Club

This club meets every Thursday at:
Loughton Club
8 Station Road
IG10 4NX

Entrance typically £2.00 – except Guest events (£5+) and Feature events (£3.00).
(£1 discount for Loughton Club members)
We’re not just a load of old folkies! - We sing and play all kinds of acoustic music and especially wish to promote and showcase unsigned talent both old and young!
You’re welcome to come and listen - or you can join in and enjoy:

For more info see: Loughton Folk Club website

Maidenhead Folk Club

We are a small but friendly club dedicated to the retention, propagation and performance of the Traditional Music and Song of the British Isles, whilst having a little fun!

As the above would suggest our booking policy tends to lean towards the Traditional although that is not set in concrete as exampled by our biennial song writing competition where our desire is to encourage songs that 'will continue to be sung in Folk Clubs'.

We are known as a warm, friendly, 'Singing' club where no chorus is ignored, due to our enthusiastic members and as most of the audience are performers, if you want a floor spot be sure to get there early!

Our current venue is , 'New Inn', 1 Farm Road, Maidenhead, SL6. 5HX
We meet every Thursday throughout the year, starting at 8.30pm and finish at 11.00pm, (or as near as possible!).

Due to the constraints of the venue we do not collect at the door but 'pass the hat' in the break with the very moderate suggested fees of £5.00 for standard Guest Nights with a graduated scale for more expensive Guests and £2.50 for Singers' and all other nights.

We book two or three Guests a month, filling out the rest of the evenings with Singers and Musicians Nights and Theme Nights when we make the money to pay for the Guests!

Website:Maidenhead Folk Club

Manchester Folk Song Club

This is a new venture and revived venue on the acoustic folk music scene for Manchester and beyond. This club meets at The Britons Protection Pub, 50 Gt. Bridgewater Str, Manchester M1 5LE (near Bridgewater Hall and G-Mex/M’Cr. Central) on the last Sunday in the month at 8:30 pm.

Concept: Full range of songs and tunes (also giving a platform to The Traditional).
Contacts: 0161-793-5441, 01565-873243/07543-673048

Mansfield Folk Club

The folk club meets every Monday evening at 8.30 in The Black Bull, Woodhouse Road, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, NG18 2BQ.
They have Singers' and Feature Nights and a monthly Guest Night. Singers’ nights are very popular and all singers, musicians and listeners welcome (£1). Feature nights combine floor singers with an extended set from the featured artist (£1). They try to keep guest night admission charges as low as possible (usually £3-£7) without compromising the quality - check out the website for current and past guests where you'll also find plenty of videos taken at the club on both singers and guest nights.
The club also has a UKULELE group that meets weekly at 7.30pm on club nights.
See their website for more info at Mansfield Folk Club or contact Tina at 0744 384 7901 /

They are a friendly bunch and always welcome visitors to the club or the Uke group - why not join them...

Meadow Folk Club, Ironbridge

This club has now re-opened. It meets on the last Friday of every month (Doors @ 7.30pm) at The Meadow Inn, Buildwas Road, Ironbridge
Contact: 01952 730 849 / 07842 454 523
of find them on facebook for photos.

Mellor Brook Community Centre, Blackburn

On Whalley Road, Mellor Brook, Blackburn, this centre holds regular folk and roots gigs.

Website:Mellor Brook Community Centre

Midway Folk Club, Stockport

This club meets on Mondays at 8.30pm at the Midway, Newbridge Lane in Stockport (except bank holidays). They have singaround sessions and regular guest nights.

For more info see: Midway Folk Club website

Musical Traditions Club, London

The Musical Traditions Club aims to present the finest traditional singers from Britain and Ireland in a friendly and appreciative atmosphere. It meets once a month on Fridays at:

The King and Queen
1 Foley Street

For details, see:Musical Traditions Club

National Forest Folk Club, Leicestershire

The National Forest Folk Club is in The Moira Miners’ Welfare, in North West Leicestershire.
See their website at: National Forest Folk Club

Nettlebed Folk Club

Nettlebed Folk Song Club was started in July 1975 by a group of Folk Song lovers from Maidenhead in Berkshire when the tenant of a local public house moved to the Bull Inn at Nettlebed, nr. Henley-on-Thames in Oxfordshire.

From a small start in a tiny bar (40 people) the Club progressed to a converted coaching barn holding over 100 and quickly established itself as one of the Folk scenes major circuit venues.

The Club moved in 1991 to its present venue at the Village Club in Nettlebed. This was due to the closure of the Bull Inn by its owners Brakspears Brewery in Henley. However, the opportunity was taken to 'change gear' as the new venue held 200 people.

The Folk Song Club is a volunteer run, non profit organisation and takes over 12 people to keep it running smoothly!

The acts that are staged encompass the different types of traditional and contemporary music and song from the British Isles and North America with the occasional act from 'down under'! Most of the major folk acts have appeared ranging from headliners like Fairport Convention, Steeleye Span, Ralph McTell, Lindisfarne, Richard Thompson and Show of Hands to Club Acts like Vin Garbutt, Martin Carthy, John Kirkpatrick, Eric Bogle and Bill Jones. Not forgetting our two resident acts Terry Page and Maria Jaffray who make up ‘Kith & Kin’ and Bruce Gomersall.

The Club is also famous for its unique special performances such as 'Feast of Fiddles' and 'Rocks Specials' where we mix leading national performers with local artists to provide unique themed evenings.

Nettlebed Folk Song Club is now one of the top folk venues in the U.K. and is highly regarded by the Country’s main Folk Acts - "Probably the best Folk Club in the Country" (Phil Beer from Show of Hands live at Feast of Fiddles Feb 8th 1999). The Club has also won the prestigious BBC Radio 2 Folk Club of the Year Award 2002.

Nettlebed Folk Club holds its concerts on Monday evenings from 8pm at The Village Club, High Street, Nettlebed, nr Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire.

For more details see: Nettlebed Folk Club

Northwich Folk Club

Founded in 1977, Northwich Folk Club has run continuously, with a mix of guests and singers' nights, and a friendly atmosphere and broad outlook.
8:30 every Friday at the Harlequin Theatre, Queen St., Northwich, Cheshire (except where noted).
See website at: Northwich Folk Club

Nova Scotia Folk Club, Bristol

The Nova Scotia Folk Club, in the Nova Scotia Inn, in the Cumberland Basin, is the longest running acoustic music club in Bristol. Every Monday night come rain or shine they host some of the greatest talent in the south west. Beginner or hugely talented, all are welcome to play, so bring your instrument and come along. If you are not a performer, come along anyway as you are sure to be in for an evening of great entertainment.

For more info see: website

Orpington Folk Club

Held in "The Change of Horses", Farnborough High St, Nr Orpington, Kent. This folk club was established in 1965. 8.15pm, every Thursday!

See their website for details: Orpington Folk Club

Otley Folk Club

Otley Folk Club meet every Wednesday in The Black Horse Hotel on Westgate. It acts as a host for local singers and musicians and for guest artists. Singing and playing usually starts around 8:30 p.m

The Folk Club works on rotation basis, alternating weekly between singers nights and booked artists. The bar serves Black Sheep real ale, and a host of fine wines. The large room can seat over 70, and is fully air conditioned.

For more details see: Otley Folk Club

Oxfolk, Oxford

Taking place at Kennington Village Hall, Kennington Road, Kennington, Oxford, OX1 5PG, Oxfolk hold regular ceilidh dances on the second Saturday of the month from October to May.

See their website:Oxfolk

Oxford Folk Club

This club has a format of guests / singer or open nights on alternate weeks throughout the year. The club runs in The Folly Bridge , Abingdon Road, Oxford every Friday evening at 8.30pm.

For more info see: Oxford Folk Club

Penzance Folk Club

This club meets in The Bath Inn, Cornwall Terrace, TR18 4HL on alternate Wednesdays, from 8-11 pm.
Traditional and contemporary folk music and singing. Fortnightly round the room sessions, with occasional guest nights. The club welcomes visitors, whether as participants or audience.

For more info see: Penzance Folk Club website or their facebook page

Pinner Folk & Blues Club

Pinner Folk And Blues Club meets on the 1st Wednesday of the month at Pinner Village Hall, car park off Chapel Lane, HA5 1AA.
8 pm to 10.30, £3 pp
They are a friendly group and welcome any performers, musicians, singers, or people who just want to come come and listen.
They also provide tea and coffee f.o.c.

For more info see their website or call 07895312719
e-mail: .

Poppy Folk Club, Nottingham

The Poppy Folk club meets once a month at The Poppy and Pint, Pierrepont Road, Lady Bay, West Bridgford, Nottingham, usually on either the second or third Sunday in the month.

For more info see Poppy Folk Club

Pot & Glass Folk And Acoustic Club, Yarm On Tees

This club meets once a month in the Pot & Glass pub, Church Rd, Egglescliffe Village, TS16 9DQ, near Yarm-on-Tees in North East England. The club members play & enjoy all sorts of Acoustic music, especially but NOT exclusively Folk, both accompanied & A'capella.

For more info see their website or their myspace page

Red Lion Folk Club, Birmingham

Wednesdays at 7.30pm, The Red Lion, Vicarage Road Kings Heath, Birmingham B14 7LY.

For more details see: Red Lion Folk Club, Birmingham

Redbourn Folk Club

The club meets on Thursday evenings from 8:30 pm to 11:15 pm in the Old School Room at The Hollybush Public House, Church End, Redbourn (near St Albans) Herts AL3 7DU. Redbourn is a small village situated not far from the M1 Junction 9.

contact Jan 01582 452954
Regular Guest nights and Open Stage nights
For more info see their web site: Redbourn Fok Club

Roadhouse Folk & Roots Club, Birmingham

The Roadhouse Folk and Roots Club is hosted on the 4th Thursday of every month at roughly 8pm onwards by local Bluegrass band the Bearwood Bandits, at the Roadhouse Music Venue in Birmingham. The club is open to traditional and contemporary folk performances as well as traditional music such as blues, country, world and more.

For more info see: The Roadhouse website

The Roadhouse
Wharfside Leisure Complex
Lifford Lane
Kings Norton
West Midlands
B30 3DZ

Robin Hoods Bay Folk Club

The Robin Hood's Bay Folk Club meets every Friday Evening in the big room of the Dolphin Inn, on King Street in the old village of Robin Hood's Bay, and keeps alive the local tradition of music and singing. It usually starts between 8.30 and 9.00 p.m.

See their website: Robin Hoods Bay Folk Club

Rosslyn Court, Margate

Excellent live acoustic music in a great little venue. Concerts on Saturday nights in Margate, with workshops and other events happening too.
There's a licenced micro bar, hot and cold soft drinks + cake!
Floor singers welcome.
62 Sweyn Rd CT9 2DD
Book: WeGotTickets 07902140248. or for more info see: Rosslyn Court Facebook page

Ryburn 3 Step Folk Club

The Ryburn Folk Club meets on the last Wednesday of the month at The Malthouse, Rishworth, close to J22 of the M62.

The club is part of Ryburn Three Step, an independent folk development project which organises a range of regular activities and special events. It is located in the Ryburn Valley, West Yorkshire, England, where the Ryburn flows through Rishworth, Ripponden, Triangle, and on to Sowerby Bridge, there joining the River Calder.

Ryburn Three Step is a group of amateur, semi-professional and professional folk musicians living in the valley. They called their project 'Three Step' because it covers Song, Music and Dance. They promote a variety of activities within the area including a regular programme of dances, pub sessions, workshop weekends, a longsword team, a mummers team, two stepdance groups, folk days and a monthly series of folksong nights.

Website: Ryburn Folk Club

Seaford Folk Singaround

Held on First Thursdays at The Courtyard Room of the Office Bar, Saxon Lane, Seaford, BN25 1QL

Shammick Acoustic, Combe Martin, N Devon

Shammick Acoustic is held in Combe Martin, North Devon, England, at The Pack O' Cards, High Street on the second and fourth Saturdays of the month.

This is where the Open Nights started ~ as an environment in which to share songs, words and music, without amplification, to provide somewhere people can perform, and to encourage them to do so. Everybody is welcome, to perform or not, as we go around the room. You can hear poems, stories, modern songs and various musics as well as folk stuff. Occasionally we also have a Visiting Performer, from 'furrin' parts, who we ask to do a few extra items! There is no admission charge, but we pass the pot round during the evening. The income is used to cover costs and to pay for the expenses of Visiting Performers, and to subsidise irregular workshops on a variety of subjects - voice, song writing, instrumental, etc.

Starting in June 2007, Shammick Acoustic started running a series of special guest performer nights on most Fourth Saturdays, which also feature local (and sometimes not-so-local) support spots. Our guests are nationally and even internationally acclaimed performers. There is a charge for admission on these nights, £7.00 (£6.00 if bought in advance) ~ and members of Shammick Acoustic get a further reduction, priced at £6.00 (£5.00 if bought in advance). See the website for programme.

In addition to the monthly/twice monthly sessions, Shammick Acoustic also runs occasional workshops on a variety of topics. See website for details.

Website:: Shammick Acoustic

Sharp's Folk Club, London

Sharp's Folk Club meets every Tuesday (except in August) at Cecil Sharp House, 2 Regents Park Road, London, NW1 7AY.

Most evenings at Sharps are singers' nights, which means that anyone is welcome to volunteer to sing, play an instrument, tell a story, etc. Evenings are run by a rota of MCs who call on the singers and musicians to perform in turn. About once a month a guest artist is booked, see website for more details.

Each evening begins at 8pm.

Website: Sharp's Folk Club

South Shields Folk Club

South Shields Folk Club meets every Sunday evening at 7.30 pm in the South Tyneside Indoor Bowls and Social Club, Jack Clark Park, Horsley Hill Road, South Shields ,Tyne & Wear, NE33 3HE.

South Shields Folk Club was born in the early sixties as the Beacon Folk Club and met in the Beacon on the Lawe Top every Friday. Needing a bigger room, the club moved after a few years and for many years was known as the Marsden Inn Folk Club.

Website:South Shields Folk Club

Spalding Folk Club

The folk club proper meets on the first Wednesday of every month at South Holland Centre with a guest and floorsingers. The club also hosts a monthly tune session (with the occasional song) and a monthly singaround (with the occasional tune). So there's something almost every week. Casual visitors are always welcome.

Details at Spalding Folk Club website

St Neots Folk Club

We have guest artists most Tuesdays with the last Tuesday of each month reserved for a Round the Room night when anyone is welcome to come and play, sing or just listen. The club is usually closed during the month of August.

Check the website for venue and more details:St Neots Folk Club

Stockton Folk Club, Stockton on Tees

We're a friendly club that believes in participation, not just listening. So, come and join in some rousing choruses. A typical evening begins at around 8.15 with an instrumental session or "knurdle" when our regulars work their way through some well-tried tunes: anyone is welcome to join in and add to the repertoire. Then from about 8.50 we start singing......

We aim to have guest-nights twice a month: other Mondays are "singarounds" (see What's on). At a singaround everyone is encouraged to get up and sing, play a tune, recite, clog dance or whatever they want to do, provided it falls under the wide umbrella of folk. But don't worry, nobody is coerced into getting up, and we have a healthy core of talented performers to ensure an entertaining night. On a guest night, floor spots are limited: if you are visiting and want to perform, catch the M.C. early - you may still be restricted to one song!

The club meets at The George & Dragon, 109 High Street, Norton (still part of Stockton borough) - a friendly, cosy real-ale pub with an old-world feel.

For more details see: Stockton Folk Club, Stockton on Tees

Sunray Folk Club, Broadmayne, Dorset

Held in Broadmayne Village Hall in Dorset, on the last Thursday of the month.
See website for details: Sunray Folk Club

Swindon Folk Club

Founded by Ted & Ivy Poole and friends in 1960 as Swindon Folksingers’ Club, the Swindon Folk Club has a long history of keeping traditional music alive in this busy town in north-west Wiltshire. From its beginnings in the folk revival, the club has seen Swindon’s character change from railway town to a modern centre of new technology and financial services; but through it all, the club has remained as a friendly, relaxed and welcoming place where anyone can come and sing or listen.

The club runs a mixture of “club nights” – informal singarounds for floor singers – and guest nights (the guest spots are about an hour and a quarter, with a break). You can go along and just listen, or you can sing a song or play a tune. The material is mainly traditional, but with a large smattering of songs from the current folk scene, as well as other stuff.

They welcome performers of all abilities. The atmosphere is friendly and encouraging, so go along and have a go! It doesn’t matter how good you are – we all had to start somewhere!

The club currently meets at the RAFA Club, 41-43 Belle Vue Rd, Swindon SN1 3HN, on the first and third Friday nights of the month from 8:15 – 11:00. See the website for more detailed directions.

For further information see: Swindon Folk Club

Tenterden Folk Club

The Tenterden Folk Club holds sing-a-rounds and music sessions in the The William Caxton, West Cross, The High Street, Tenterden on the second Tuesday of every month. In addition they are now booking occasional guests on other nights in other venues in Tenterden.

For more information see: Tenterden Folk Festival and look under folk club and special events.

The Grove Folk Club, Leeds

The Grove Folk Club meets on Fridays at The Grove Inn, Back Row, David Street, off Water Lane, Leeds LS11 5PL. It has reglar singers nights as well as guests.

For more details see: The Grove Folk Club, Leeds

The Milkmaid Folk Club, Bury St Edmunds

This club meets 3 Fridays a month at the Constitutional Club, and also holv various concerts at The Apex in the town. For more info see: their website

The Ram Club, Surrey

The club puts on a full and varied programme of Folk and Acoustic artists and bands at the top of their profession. The music ranges from Traditional to Contemporary, Blues to Ballads, Instrumental to a cappella, Comedy, a smattering of jazz and much more. They meet in the function room of the Old Cranleighan Club, Portsmouth Road, Thames Ditton, Surrey KT7 0HB. The club runs on most Fridays (except Christmases, Good Fridays and Augusts) from 8.15 till 11.15pm.

For more info see: The Ram Club

The Song Loft, Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes

The Song Loft is held fortnightly on a Friday in the York House Centre, which is situated in the historic market town of Stony Stratford.

For more details see: The Song Loft

Tigerfolk, Long Eaton, Derbyshire

This traditional folk club meets on the first Sunday of every month at The Stumble Inn, Long Eaton, Derbyshire, (plus some other Sundays, when we have the chance of an extra special guest). It usually starts at 7.30pm.

The club was started in February 1991 by singer (and veteran of the UK Folk Scene) Roy Harris. When Roy moved to Cardiff, he left the club in the capable hands of a group of the residents. Most active of these was Andy Leith, a fine singer himself, whose sudden and tragically early death on New Year's Day, 2005, left everyone in shock. Those of us running TATT today are dedicated to continuing the tradition started by these two friends: a club dedicated to supporting, sharing and promoting the very best in traditional folk music.

See their website:Tigerfolk

Tonbridge Folk Club

Traditional music and song at Tonbridge Folk Club, Foresters Arms, 52 Quarry Hill, Tonbridge, Kent, TN9 2RT. First and third Mondays of each month, 8-11 pm. Musicians, singers and audience welcome.

For more info see: Tonbridge Folk Club

Topic Folk Club, Bradford

This club meets at The Bradford Irish Club, Rebecca Street, Bradford, West Yorkshire BD1 2RX on Thursdays. A weekly live music club that provides a stage for performers broadly in the area of folk music and song (but not folk dance). The Topic books a lot of professional artists but also, like most folk clubs, offers amateurs and budding professionals of various levels of experience a chance to perform in public. A typical annual programme has about 35 Main Guest or Double Header evenings, 15 Singers' and Musicians' evenings (including all of August).

For more details see: Topic Folk Club, Bradford

Trades Club, Hebden Bridge

The Trades Club are committed to music of all kinds, from African to blues, folk to hip-hop, jazz to drum and bass. There are always gigs on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, and frequently on Sundays. They often have folk/trad guests here, and it was the venue for Dick Gaughan's famous live album.

See their website:Trades Club

Trap Tuesdays, North Broomhill

This club meets every Tuesday in the Trap Inn, North Broomhill. 1st Tuesday is a Singers Night; 2nd Tue has a Guest; 3rd Tue is a Ceilidh; 4th Tue is a singers night. The occassional 5th Tuesday will have something a bit special.

8pm start, £2 admission

The Trap Inn
Main Road
North Broomhill
NE61 5AN
01670 761672

Tump Folk, Coventry

This club runs weekly every Thursday (7.45) 8.00pm to 10.45pm at The Humber Pub, Humber Road, Coventry, CV3 1BA. It has a mix of singarounds, singers nights with featured local guests, and also some UK and international guests.

For more info see Tump Folk Facebook page

Uxbridge Folk Club

A folk club venue like no other.

When you first encounter the Royal Naval Association hut that serves as home for the Uxbridge Folk Club you could be forgiven for thinking that maybe you might not have found the right place. It is located in the middle of a car-park within a 2 minute walk from Hillingdon Station, and its resemblance to a World War II barracks with an anti-aircraft gun standing guard outside looks rather unpromising and a little foreboding. However looks can be deceiving; this is a venue much beloved by performers and patrons alike. Once you get through the doors, and if you manage to survive the experience of the infamous gents’ toilet, you find yourself in one of the cosiest and most intimate venues you could imagine. Every square inch of wall is covered with naval memorabilia, and the brass detailing on the many interesting naval accoutrements is polished to within an inch of its life. As you settle into your comfortable seat you will find much to engage your interest while you wait for the acts to commence. On top of that, the well-stocked bar has some of the lowest prices in London. The support act starts at 8 o’clock followed by the first of the headliner’s two sets at about 8:45. Recent sell-out performers include North Sea Gas and Dave Nachmanoff, who played virtuoso guitar on “Year of the Cat!”. We try to put on world-class headliners and encourage up-and-coming support acts. But we still regale newcomers about the time we turned down Paul Simon in his early days! There is a raffle and one or two floor spots which sometimes include a short sing-along from one of our long-standing regulars who has supported the club since its inception in the 1960s. We generally meet on the last Thursday of the month (double check for website or Facebook page!) So come along to 388b Long Lane, Uxbridge and experience a unique venue and a warm welcome from the usual crowd - including the sailor who lurks in the corner, mourning from inside his coffin the passing of the rum tot!

For more info see Uxbridge Folk Club

Vernon Arms Folk and Acoustic Club, Derby

The Vernon Arms Folk and Acoustic Club is located in Spondon, near Derby. It meets on Tuesday evenings at 8:15 - 11.
For more info see: the club's website

Village Folk Club, Titchfield

This club is now meeting on the first Saturday of each month in the Parish Room, High Street, Titchfield, Hampshire. For more info: 01329 512106.

Village Pump Friday Folk

This club meets at the Lamb Inn, Mortimer Street, Trowbridge on Friday Nights. Doors open 7.30 for 8.00.
Most evenings cost £5, £3 for Open Mic Nights and £8 - £10 for the top names in folk and roots.
Tickets are generally available on the door but on major guest nights can be purchased in advance from John on 01225 707346.
As well as the usual floor spots, a special support spot will precede the guest each week. To book a floor spot or special guest spot contact Rosie on 01225 865107

For more info see: Village Pump website

Vortex Jazz Club - Folk Season, London

This is predominantly a jazz music club but each year they run a "folk season" alongside their jazz programme. This has featured some big names from the folk and traditional music world, and is worth a look. The club is at 11 Gillett Square, London N16 8AZ. For tickets or more information please call the Vortex office on 020 7254 4097 or go to Vortex Jazz Club

Wadebridge Folk Club

Held at the Churchill Bars in Wadebridge on the second Thursday of each month at 8pm.
For more info contact 01637 880604 / 07880 592065 /

Walthamstow Folk Club, London

Held every Sunday from 7.30pm in the Plough Inn, London E17.

See their website:Walthamstow Folk Club

Warrington Folk Song Club

This club meets every Sunday night at The Bull's Head, Church Street, Warrington, WA1 2SX at 8.30 - 11 pm. It is an acoustic singers', poets and musicians' session - mostly run by Geoffrey Bibby. All welcome to perform or just listen.

Waveney Folk Club, Lowestoft

The Waveney Folk Club meets at the Gunton Community Hall in Hollingsworth Road, Lowestoft every two weeks between 8pm and 11pm.

The club books guest singers and groups from all over the country, and has a friendly informal atmosphere that welcomes floor singers, but if you want to sing, please arrive early to avoid disappointment.

The cost of admission when a booked guest artist is performing is £6.

For more info see: Waveney Folk Club website

Welly Folk Club, Wolviston

This club meets every Thursday from 8.30pm at The Wellington Inn: 31-33 High Street, Billingham, County Durham, TS22 5JY (Phone: 01740 645670).

For more info see: Welly Folk Club webpage

Wessex Acoustic Folk Club

This club meets roughly once a month on varying Friday nights. It is a guest club featuring the best of the folk world, with support from local performers and young up-coming performers. Based in Blandford Forum, Dorset.

For more info see: Wessex Acoustic Folk Club

White Horse Folk Club, Beverley

The White Horse Folk Club meets at The Conservative Club, Wylies Road, Beverley, on Mondays at 8:30pm (except bank holidays), with a mixture of Singers and Musician Nights and Guest Nights.

For more info see: White Horse Folk Club website

Wimborne Folk Club

The Wimborne club meets every Thursday at 8.00 at HORN'S INN, BURTS HILL, WIMBORNE, BH21 7 AA. The club attracts many local singers and musicians of high standard. Everyone is welcome to a free singaround session and often over twenty of the best Dorset performers give a truly memorable evenings entertainment.

For more info see: Wimborne Folk Club website

Wivenhoe Folk Club

This club meets in the Royal British Legion hall on the Quay at Wivenhoe, every first Thursday of the month, with occasional extra special Thursdays.

Doors open at 7.30pm for an 8pm start. Admission on guests nights is £6, with concessions £5 and for floor singers £2 . On 'Open Stage' (singaround) nights, performers get in free, admission for non-performers is £2.

For more info see: Wivenhoe Folk Club

Woodman Folk Club, Kingswinford

The Woodman Folk Club meets on Friday Nights at 8.30 at:
Ashwood Marina, Ashwood Lower Lane, Kingswinford, DY6 0AQ
The club has a mixture of guest and singers' nights.
For more info see: Woodman Folk Club website

Wychwood Folk Club

Held in association with the Wychwood Brewery, this club showcases an eclectic mix of Folk, Roots, Acoustic & Americana Music.
Events are held at the Swan Inn or Tiddy Hall on Shipton Road in Ascott-under-Wychwood in Oxfordshire. The club meets on 2 Saturdays a month and starts at 8pm.

For more info see: Wychwood Folk Club website

Folk Clubs in Ireland

Ireland has a very strong tradition of music taking place in pubs, concerts, sessions, festivals and in particular regional and county fleadhs, but has less of a tradition of 'folk clubs' as such.

We hope the following list will be a useful resource giving information and links to certain websites where you can find up to date information on what is going on. If you know of any good folk clubs or regular music venues that might be added to this section, please let us know about them using the 'contact us' section of the website.

An Culturlann, Belfast

An Chultúrlann on its three floors, contains space for artistic and theatrical expression, a café, a tourist information office, community radio and the north’s largest dedicated Irish Language and media book and gift shop. An Chultúrlann is the jewel in the crown of Belfast’s emerging Gaeltacht Quarter.

Live traditional and contemporary music sessions, poetry readings, céilís, concerts, workshops and the children’s arts programme are just some of the reasons why An Chultúrlann is recognised as the Belfast Irish Experience. An Chultúrlann continues cultural traditions and develops them further through classes, workshops and performance.

See the website for details of events: An Culturlann

An Droichead, Belfast

Over the past year and a half An Droichead has quickly and professionally established itself as one of the best traditional music venues in Belfast. Moreover, this is a reputation that has travelled throughout Belfast and beyond; one which has granted them access to the very finest of international and local traditional music talent.

Concert nights are a beacon of musical celebration here at the Lárionad. The atmosphere is always commented upon by our first time visitors, and is one of the reasons that our concert nights are now regularly sold out. The fact that promoters and artists alike are aware that they will play to a full house and to an appreciative and knowledgeable audience enables us to attract the cream of traditional artists to south Belfast e.g. Maireád Ní Mhaonaigh of Altan , Julie Fowlis,Tóla Custy, John Spillane, Alan Kelly to name but a few.

See their website at: An Droichead

Downpatrick Folk Club

This club, which began in the 1960s, and ran as a cultural hub to the county Down folk scene until the turn of the millenium has been revived, and has re-established itself within the broader community in relation to traditional and modern folk music, language and culture in general.

For further information, see: Downpatrick Folk Club website

Killala Bay Folk Club, Co Mayo

The Killala Bay Folk Club began in October 2016, and meets on the first Friday of every month in The Far Side @ Johnny Lynns, Killala, Co. Mayo, from 9-11pm. Singers, musicians, storytellers and listeners all welcome.

See Their facebook page for information on monthly club nights, upcoming events etc.

Tel +353 87 2814350

Sunflower Folk Club, Belfast

In the seventies and eighties, when many people were avoiding the troubled streets of Belfast, there was a place where many artists continued to visit and play. The Sunflower Folk Club, founded by the late Geoff Harden, was an institution - a place where top folk performers could come and play in a sympathetic environment, and one of the few real “folk clubs” in a scene that was only beginning to develop in the area.

Sadly in the eighties the club closed, and in 2006 Geoff died after a short illness. Now, after many years, the Sunflower Folk Club has re-emerged in the new Sunflower Public House in Belfast’s Union Street. Drawing on the inspiration of several successful folk clubs in Belfast, but particularly acknowledging the legacy of the original Sunflower club, it is good to see this club re-open its doors. It plans to meet every Thursday at 8pm with the usual guest artist and floor singer format.

The venue is the new Sunflower Bar in Union Street, Belfast .

For more info see: Sunflower Website or Sunflower Folk Club facebook page

Trad at the Trian, Armagh

Run by the Armagh Pipers Club, Trad at the Trian is a series of recitals held on the first Friday of each month from October to April at St. Patrick's Trian, English Street, Armagh. Each concert features an unaccompanied solo singer and instrumentalist. Many of the country's top musicians have taken part in the series.

These recitals are held in a small theatre and are followed by a session and master classes. The series enables people to hear high-quality music performed in an intimate acoustic setting, and also to meet the musicians, join with them in an informal session and learn some of their music during the following day's master classes.

For more details see: Trad at the Trian

Folk Clubs in Scotland

We hope the following list will be a useful resource giving information and links to club's websites where you can find up to date information. If you know of any good folk clubs that might be added to this section, please let us know about them using the 'contact us' section of the website.

Aberdeen Folk Club

Aberdeen Folk Club meets at the Blue Lamp,Gallowgate, every Wednesday from 8.30pm.

For more details see: Aberdeen Folk Club

Almond Valley Folk Club, Midcalder

Almond Valley Folk Club - This club meets at The Railway Inn, 43 Main Street, West Calder, West Lothian, EH55 8DL on the THIRD Tuesday of each month from 8pm in the back room.

For more details see:Almond Valley Folk Club

Ayr Phoenix Folk Club

Ayr Phoenix Folk Club is a new and exciting venue in Ayrshire and beyond who enjoy traditional/folk/acoustic music. The Club is hosted at the highly accessible Ayr town centre venue, the Ayr Ex-Services Club, 15 Academy St, Ayr KA7 1HF. It meets on the first Monday of the month.

If you’re looking for a supportive and welcoming acoustic jam session, check out the Phoenix Jam every Saturday afternoon from 2-5pm in the same venue. If you don’t want to play or sing, just go along and listen. All welcome, and it’s free.

They also offer Phoenix Musical Hearts & Minds for Alzheimer’s/dementia/multiple sclerosis patients, their family and carers. More details on their website.

See the website - HERE

Ceilidh Place, Ullapool

The Ceilidh Place has a small concert room where they present a programme of music, small scale drama and other events.   Mostly traditional music interspersed with classical, funky and occasional jazz.
See their website for more details: The Ceilidh Place

Clydesdale Folk Club, Biggar

The CFC meets on the last Thursday of the month upstairs in the function room of the Elphinstone Hotel, Biggar.

See their website:Clydesdale Folk Club

Craigie Folk Club, Ayrshire

The Craigie Folk Music Club meet at the Craigie Inn, near Kilmarnock, Ayrshire on the 1st Friday of each month.
See details of the venue at Craigie Folk Club

Crail Folk Club

This club meets on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month. It usually meets in the Town Hall, with one off events in the larger Community Hall. Unfortunately both halls are not licensed, but you are welcome to bring your own bottle.

They welcome seasoned musicians, beginners and those that just want to come along and listen in a friendly atmosphere. During Singers' nights they feature local singers and musicians – everyone is welcome – if you don’t want to make music then just tap your feet. They have regular guest nights too. Starting time is usually 8:00 pm.

Website: Crail Folk Club

Crieff Folk Club

This club meets monthly at Strathearn Artspace in the former Old Library, with session evenings in between the monthly gig nights. For information email or Tickets for events are available through Eventbrite or Strathearn Artspace website

Dalbeattie Acoustic Sessions

Sessions held on the second Thursday of the month (except January) in the Masonic Lodge, Copland Street, Dalbeattie, DG5 4EX.
Doors open at 7.30pm; the session runs from 8.00pm until 11.00pm.
Song, music, poetry, all styles welcome

For more info see: Dalbeattie Acoustic Club website

Dalry Folk Club

Dalry Folk Club is the newest edition to a thriving music scene in Ayrshire, formed in the later months of 2015 and holding alternate gigs and sessions on the first Friday of the month. It meets in Dalry's Masonic Lodge in New Street

The club has many aims such as bringing members of the community together, sharing people’s talents and inducing people to new musicians and songs.

But what the club hopes to achieve in the long run is the introduction of traditional folk music to a younger generation, which will keep the genre alive for years to come.

For more info see: Dalry Folk Club website

Denholm Folk Club

Held at the Auld Cross Keys Hotel, Denholm, Roxburghshire, this club meets every second Thursday. Start time 8.30pm.

For more details see: Denholm Folk Club

Dunblane Folk Club

Dunblane Folk Club meets every Sunday at THE DUNBLANE from 8:00 until 10:30 pm for an evening of songs, tunes, recitations and stories.
Admission £2. BYOB, but tea and coffee are available.

All styles of acoustic music are welcome. They play in a friendly and informal setting (no stage or paid guests), have a laugh over a drink, and generally enjoy the 'craic'.

See their website: Dunblane Folk Club

Dunfermline Folk Club

The Dunfermline Folk Club meets in The Glen Tavern almost every Wednesday at 8 pm. Sessions on the last Wednesday of each month. More details at: Dunfermline Folk Club

Edinburgh Folk Club

Held on Wednesdays in The Pleasance Cabaret Bar, Edinburgh.
For more details see: Edinburgh Folk Club

Ettrick Folk Club, Old Kilpatrick

This club meets in The Ettrick Bar, in the village of Old Kilpatrick, every Tuesday from 8.30pm. It has grown over the past years, and now regularly has about 20 musicians turning up to play. All are made welcome and can join in. Call 01389 872821 for more details.

Falkirk Folk Club

This club meets at the Tolbooth Tavern, every Thursday. The evening begins at 8.00pm and run until approx. 11.00pm.
See their website: Falkirk Folk Club

Folk at the Salmon Bothy

Every third Friday monthly 7pm-10.30pm, with Guest MC each month. This is a family friendly venue and all are welcome. Entry Fee £3 - and a Raffle. Bring your own refreshments.

Please park at Links Road, Portsoy, AB45 2SS

There is also a first Wednesday session for anybody who wants to rehearse or try out tunes with other musicians. This will be Upstairs at the Salmon Bothy, from 7pm to 9pm, every first Wednesday monthly.

For more info see Folk at the Salmon Bothy

folk at salmon bothy - jan to apr 201341.39 KB

Fyvie Folk Club

The club meets on the first and second Wednesdays of each month in the Vale Hotel, Fyvie in the North East of Scotland.

Fyvie Folk Club was first formed during the Folk Revival of the 1960's/70's, but faded away after running for a few years. However in 1992, a handful of like minded Folk enthusiasts got together and decided to reform the Club, advertising in the local press to try to gather some support.

On Wednesday October 7th, 1992 the newly formed Folk Club opened its doors to the general public in the Vale Hotel, Fyvie and the present incarnation of Fyvie Folk Club was born. The constitution of the Club is centred on encouraging new and youthful talent and a feature of the Folk nights has always been, free admission and an open programme of performers.

The compere compiles the programme "on the hoof", as performers turn up, with a few regular members providing the performance base of the evening.

On occasion, the evening is given over to a visiting band or artiste and again, admission to these evenings is free.

See their website: Fyvie Folk Club

Girvan Folk Club

Girvan folk club was formed in October 1964 with the aim of promoting traditional folk music and song. The club first met in the local scout hall where the lack of a licence meant refreshments were limited to tea and orange juice. A move to the British Legion Hall followed before the club found a welcome at the Jolly Shepherd Pub in Barr. Despite having many memorable nights in Barr the lack of transport in those far off days often proved a problem so the club were delighted to be invited to take up residence in the Queens Hotel in Girvan. Due to changing ownership and other problems the club has relocated to other establishments in the town for brief periods but has always returned to its home in the Queens.

The club meets in the Queens Hotel, Montgomerie St, Girvan, Ayrshire, Scotland, most Friday evenings.

For more details see: Girvan Folk Club

Glenfarg Folk Club

The Internationally Famous Glenfarg Village Folk Club first met on 3 April 1978. Over thirty years later the club is still going strong. We meet every Monday night and offer a wide range of musical acts as well as providing an opportunity for budding performers to ’have a go’. Over the course of a year you can enjoy both traditional and contemporary folk from home and abroad, blues, jazz, ragtime, story telling, poetry and great humour. We are always tracking down the latest talent to break onto the folk scene as well as dusting down some of the golden oldies who have been around for a wee while longer. Every four weeks or so we have a singaround / session at the club (sometimes with a theme and sometimes not). Anyone who comes along gets a chance to perform in a relaxed and friendly environment. Many just come along to listen and enjoy the banter.

There is much more to Glenfarg Village Folk Club than Monday nights. Members also enjoy many social events throughout the year including a Treasure Hunt & BBQ, trips to other folk clubs, ceilidhs and dances, a quiz night, a golf tournament, a ‘November Weekend Away’ where we take over several log cabins somewhere in Scotland and eat, drink and be merry for three days and nights, and every April of course we have our Folk Feast. Our members put a lot of effort into our club and they get a great deal back.

The club meets in 'Backstage At The Green Hotel' in Kinross.

For more details see: Glenfarg Folk Club

Haddington Folk Club

This is a long established East Lothian club, where anyone with an interest in folk music (the term is adhered to very loosely) can come to listen or contribute.

Most of the evenings are of the 'singaround' variety; anyone who wants to, can have a go at showing off their musical achievements. They have occasional guest nights, featuring professional folk musicians, and shorter 'spots' featuring one of the members.

The club meets every Wednesday evening at The Green, 70 Court St, Haddington, EH41 3AF from 7.45 for an 8 o’clock start.

Club contact details are as follows.

Robert Russel 01620 860702
Anne Keddie 07801 055228

Houston Folk Club

This club meets every Thursday evening at the Carrick Centre, Main Street, Houston from 8pm to 11pm. The premises are not licenced, so members and guests are invited to BYOB.

For more details see: Houston Folk Club

Huntly Folk Club

The Huntly Folk Club takes place on the third Wednesday of every month at Harry's Bar (behind The Crown pub), starts at 8pm.

Inverclyde Folk Club

Inverclyde Folk Club meets every Tuesday night from around 8pm onwards at The Loreto Club, Houston Street, Greenock, Inverclyde, Scotland PA16 8DA

Monthly events from Open Stages, Visiting Clubs, Guest Performers, Charity Events, Community Visits and lots more.
Old and New Members always welcome.
Originally meeting at Baxters then at The Liberal Club, Inverclyde Folk Club has been meeting weekly since 1990. There are currently around 30 members keeping Traditional Music & Song alive in Inverclyde.
Members range in age from 18 - 80 with a wide and varied mixture of talents and musical tastes.
Always encouraging traditional music and musicianship at all levels.

Irvine Folk Club

The club has been providing top quality music for over 40 years and every fortnight quality guest artists are guaranteed. The Irvine Folk Club is also responsible for putting together the Marymass Folk Festival which is held every year in August.

For more details see: Irvine Folk Club

Isle of South Uist Folk Club

This club meets in St Peter's Hall in Daliburgh, South Uist on the first Friday of every month.
For more info see: their website or contact Cameron on or 07956320559.

Kelso Folk & Live Music Club

Kelso Folk & Live Music Club welcomes everyone – there’s no ‘membership’, you become a member just by turning up at our meetings. You have a choice of two different venues every Friday night to suit early or late or both.
Our early session singaround (usually hosted by Andy Smith) starts at 8pm in the Oak Room of the Cross Keys Hotel – though occasionally it may be elsewhere in the hotel. The early session ends around 10:30pm. There is no admission charge but donations (towards club funds and guest artists) are welcomed.
The Cobbles Inn is an award-winning restaurant and Friday nights can be busy!
Our session does not start before 9.30pm and on most typical Fridays, 10.00pm is when you are likely to catch the music and songs really getting going.
Although there is more traditional content at the Cobbles Session, it is not just folk or celtic and a very wide range of material can be performed.
Completely unaccompanied or solo stuff can fit in as well, despite the tradition of all competent singers and players joining in almost everything.
We generally have amplification and microphones, which can help if it’s a busy night. The last Friday of each month is often an acoustic evening specifically suited for trad players. Check our webpage and the Kelso Folk & Live Music Club facebook page for updates.

Kelso Folk Club

Kirkaldy Acoustic Music Club

Held in the Polish Club in Kirkaldy, this club is well worth a visit!
It meets every Thursday @ 19.30.
For more info see: their website

Leith Folk Club

Meets every Tuesday at Victoria Park House Hotel, 221 Ferry Road, Leith

See the website: Leith Folk Club

Lomond Folk Club

This club meets at Corries Restaurant, Balloch Road, Balloch at 8pm on a Monday evening.
For more information see: Lomond Folk Club

Lossie Folk Club

Held in Lossiemouth in Moray, this is a long established club that currently meets in the Coulard Inn every week on a Tuesday evening from 8.30pm til midnight.

Nitten Folk Club, Newtongrange

Nitten folk club is held in The Dean Tavern, 80 Main Street, Newtongrange, EH22 4NA.

Our club members are like minded people who enjoy singing, playing, listening, performing, reciting and socialising. Our main aim is to enjoy ourselves and we welcome new visitors at Nitten to do the same.

There is no one type of music you'll hear; like our members, the style is eclectic! From old style country rock to traditional Irish fiddle tunes, you'll hear them all at Nitten.

We have a varied membership and we welcome new members to join us at The Dean Tavern every Thursday for Guest Nights or our normal Club Nights.

Guest Nights are held on the first Thursday of every month from September through to May.

For more details see: Nitten Folk Club

Nova Scotia Folk Club, Bishopbriggs

Nova Scotia Folk Club meets every Wednesday at the Fort Theatre, Bishopbriggs from 7.30-23.45. The format of the club is based on an open stage for floor spots by our talented regulars and visitors. Every other week we have a featured artist who does a 30/40 min spot. Floor spots commence 8.00 pm.

For more info see: their Facebook page

Partick Folk Club

Held in St Peter's Hall, Chancellor Street, Partick, this club meets on the last Friday of every month. Music played includes traditional, folk, acoustic, americana and blues. Doors open 7.30 for 8pm start. BYOB venue!

For more info see: Partick Folk Club

Penicuik Folk Club

Penicuik Folk Club meets in Shottstown Miners Club, 165 John Street, Penicuik, EH26 8AT, in the lounge bar - a large, comfortable (but also cheery and COSY!) room that is large enough for most of our concerts and all of our singers’ nights. We will also be able to use the club’s large function room for any larger concerts, so all of our activities will be in the new venue, apart from the occasional collaboration with our pals in Penicuik Community Arts Association.

Plenty of parking, bus stop is just outside, disabled access is no problem. The door may be locked when you arrive, but a member of the club’s staff will open it very quickly if you ring the wee bell!

The club holds a concert once each month (generally the second Tuesday of the month) when a professional folk artist or band performs and visitors to the club pay an entrance fee. All other Tuesdays are free Singers Nights.

For more details see: Penicuik Folk Club

Quarter Acoustic Music Club

Quarter Acoustic Music Club (QAMC) meets at the Boolin' Club, Quarter, near Hamilton every Tuesday, though there is usually a summer break for July and August (however 2016 saw a change with 2 very successful singers nights mid July and mid August) and usually a couple of weeks missed over the mid winter festivities.
It is a friendly club who always welcome new faces.
There is a session/singaround every first Tuesday of the month and on the remaining Tuesdays they host a varied array of artists.

Further information can be gained from the club webpage

Rolling Hills Folk Club, Melrose

The Rolling Hills Folk club started to great acclaim in October 2006. The club takes its name from the Matt McGinn song The Rolling Hills of The Borders. There is room for about 40 people or so, which presents a more personal and intimate space in which to sing and play. We hope to encourage young and old alike whether singers or/and musicians to contribute to the evening.

Meets on First and Third Fridays of each month (except July and August). Smith Memorial Hall, Abbotsford Rd Darnick TD69AH

For more details see: Rolling Hills Folk Club, Melrose

Rosehearty Rowantree Folk Club

Every Third Friday Night in The Bay Hotel, The Square, Rosehearty,

For more details see: Rosehearty Rowantree Folk Club

Star Folk Club, Glasgow

With its roots in the heart of the folk revival, the club has endured the years in various forms and locations. Now in The Admiral in Waterloo Street, we offer a weekly helping of the best in acoustic music.

The Star Club was started in the late 70s by Arthur Johnstone of the Laggan in conjunction with other stalwarts of the folk scene in Glasgow and included amongst its founders Norman and Janey Buchan . Based initially in the Communist Party premises in Calton Place, it has consistently sought to provide a platform for local artists and those from further afield. Following Arthur’s decision to step down as club organiser after 16 years, Kenny Caird took on the role, keeping things running through some lean years (which saw many other local clubs close) including 3 venue changes but ensuring the club’s survival through dedication and some very hard work.

Following Kenny’s “retiral” as organiser, the club has been run by a small committee for the last few years, who have recently overseen a further venue change.

The club still meets every Tuesday at 8pm.

For more details see: Live at the Star, Folk Club

Stirling Folk Club

Stirling Folk Club meets every Monday from mid January until the first week in December. They meet at:

For more details see: Stirling Folk Club

Stonehaven Folk Club

Meets at The Community Centre, Bath Street, Stonehaven. Every Friday night from 8.30 pm

For more details see: Stonehaven Folk Club

Stonehouse Folk Club

Singers and musicians of all ages and abilities are welcome to come along to the open sessions in an informal sing-around. The acoustic music sessions are open to all styles of music.

Venue: St Ninian's Church, Vicar's Road

Bring your own wine or soft drinks, but no spirits.
For more info contact John Young on 01698 792479

Stranraer Folk Club

Stranraer Folk Club meets every Wednesday, 8pm til 10.45 except between Christmas and New Year. Upstairs at The Grapes, Bridge St, Stranraer. Weekly singarounds and tune sessions, with occasional guest artistes. Visitors are always welcome. For more info contact Mark Mitchell on 01776 830242 or email

For more info see: Stranraer Folk Club website

String Jam Club, Selkirk

The String Jam Club is the premier monthly live unplugged music venue in the Scottish Borders featuring headline acts from throughout Britain as well as up-and-coming local musicians.

Launched in 1997 by singer-songwriter Allie Fox, who is the host and resident musician, the String Jam Club is famous for showcasing great eclectic music and for its friendly atmosphere.

All musicians and all styles of music are welcome to contribute to the now legendary open mic spots.

The String Jam Club meets on the second Saturday of the month at the County Hotel in Selkirk in the Scottish Borders.

See website at : String Jam Club

Tarves Folk Club

Held in Tarves, Ellon, in Aberdeenshire, this club meets on the third Sunday of the month from 8.30-11pm in the Aberdeen Arms, The Square, Tarves.
They have a Facebook page under the heading of: Tarves Music (incl Tarves FolkClub)

For more info see their facebook page

Telstar Folk Club, Old Kilpatrick

A new folk club /music session has started in the Telstar Bar in the village of Old Kilpatrick on Thursday nights at 8pm. All levels of musicians or singers are welcome with a variety of music. If you just like to listen, come along too.

Contact Gordon McKay: 07960066120 or 01389383421.

The Wee Folk Club, Edinburgh

The Royal Oak is a real Scottish pub that has made its name as a live music venue. Steeped in history and atmosphere it is only a few minutes walk from the Royal Mile. With a fine tradition of musical entertainment every single night of the week you can hear mainly folk songs with a mix of other acoustic styles. The Royal Oak not only gives visitors the chance to hear some great tunes, but it also acts as a focal point for many of Edinburgh’s traditional musicians.

The wee folk club meets here every Sunday night.

The Royal Oak, 1 Infirmary Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1LT

For more details see: Wee Folk Club, Edinburgh

Tin Hut Sessions, Gartly, Aberdeenshire

The club meets regularly on the last Thursday of the month with an acoustic music session and throughout the year they have occasional guest concerts with a variety of acts from within the folk music circuit.

For more info see: Tin Hut Sessions

Folk Clubs in Wales

We hope the following list will be a useful resource giving information and links to club's websites where you can find up to date information. If you know of any good folk clubs that might be added to this section, please let us know about them using the 'contact us' section of the website.

Conwy Folk Club

This club meets on Mondays at 8pm in Conwy Comrades Social Club, Rosehill Street.
There are also singarounds on Sundays from 2-6pm in the Blue Bell, and storytelling session every third Wednesday at 7.30pm (also in the Blue Bell).

For more info see: Conwy Folk Club

Ebbw Vale Folk Club

Ebbw Vale Folk club was reformed October 2010 and is held on the last Friday of the month at Ebbw Vale Welfare Club, Eugene Cross Park, Ebbw Vale, Gwent.
The club has an “open mic” policy and is growing ever popular with at least a dozen regular participants. Jeff Jones and Mike "Rip" Harper are the people to contact.
Welfare Tel. No. 01495 302995, Jeff's Mobile 07815838670 and Mike's 07855417987

Llantrisant Folk Club

This club meets every Wednesday at 8.30pm at Pontyclun Institute Athletic Club, Castan Road, Pontyclun CF72 9EH (01443 222182)

See their website at: Llantrisant Folk Club

Lyceum Folk And Acoustic Club

Held in Crindau Constitutional Club, 45 Malpas Rd, Newport, S.Wales NP20 5PJ, this club meets every Thursday at 8.30pm. Once a month they have a guest and the other Thursdays are singers night. Everyone welcome. £2.00 entrance on singers night. Check website for ticket prices on guest nights.

For more info see: the club website or ring Ruth on 07966754366.

New Inn Folk Club, Pontblyddyn

This club is held on Tuesdays's in Pontblyddyn, Mold, Clwyd.

For more info see their website

Newport Folk Club

Newport Folk Club meet at 8.45pm every Thursday night in the Newport Fugitives Athletic Club, Highcross Road, Newport, NP10 9AD, South Wales. They have a mixture of Singers Nights and Artist Nights (usually once a month), and their aim is to provide a supportive and friendly atmosphere to newcomers and old hands alike.

See their website at Newport Folk Club

Rhyl Folk And Acoustic Club

This club meets every Friday at 8.00pm in the The Corbett Sports Stadium Lounge at Rhyl Football Club which boasts comfortable seating, a stage with a PA system, a licensed bar and a large safe car park.

All styles of music are catered for from Folk to Blues to Country, and all abilities too! On our regular singer’s nights, we welcome visitors whether as performers or just to relax and enjoy the music.

Admission is just £1.50 and that includes a free ticket for the bottle raffle! Certain Guest Nights may cost a little more. Please check the website's calendar for details.

Rhyl Fold And Acoustic Club Website

Rhyl Folk Club

Established in 1964, this is the oldest folk club in Wales!
It meets at TYNEWYDD COMMUNITY CENTRE,Coast Road (A548) , Rhyl LL18 3RD
(Drive East on A548 from Rhyl towards Prestatyn; past fire station on left.Tynewydd C.C. is on right adjacent to traffic lights)

For more details see: their website

Valley Folk Club, Pontardawe

The Valley Folk Club In Pontardawe, South Wales has been going for over 40 years. It meets in the Ivy Bush, Brecon Rd, Pontardawe on the first and third (and the occasional fifth) Friday of each month apart from August. The first Friday is an open night and the third Friday is a guest night.

For more info see: Pontardawe Folk Club Website

Wrexham Folk and Acoustic Club

Meets every second Thursday at the Nag's Head, Wrexham.

See their myspace page for more details: Wrexham Folk and Acoustic Club