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Private Label ISBN: 9780954901325

Another issue in the series of tunebooks which Blowzabella have issued over the last 20 years, this one contains the tunes and songs on their last two albums, Strange News and Two Score (plus a couple of others). Mostly composed by the band, but seasoned with some lovely traditional tunes, the contents stay true to the group’s history of performing a mixture of English and European-style material.

Some of the tunes have ‘partial’ arrangements – showing how the band set about dealing with a tune, but hopefully persuading users to take this as a starting point from which they can develop their own pieces. Just to note that most of these are written as saxophone arrangements, but the parts are in the original keys – no transposition parts have been included. There are even some dance notations, plus where they came from – no information on the songs though. Excellent typesetting, print and layout. What’s not to like?!

Paul Burgess

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