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GREG TRICE - The Endeavour

GREG TRICE - The Endeavour
Hedingham Fair ISBN: 9780955647581

This collection of 25 tunes by the late Greg Trice, who died prematurely in 1993, along with three complementary tunes by others, is a snapshot of the repertoire of 70s Essex ceilidh band, Lumps Of Plum Pudding. Mostly in standard time signatures for dance, jigs, reels, polkas and so on prevail, alongside a beautiful waltz (Farewell To Sidmouth) and the alla breve hornpipe, Leaving Maldon Harbour. I decided not to have a bash at The Phantom Flasher, as I don’t think my last remaining brain cell can cope with a time signature of 18/16. I particularly enjoyed the Moulsham Street Hornpipe (5/4) and the title alla breve reel (The Endeavour) which are great fun. Most of the tunes are handwritten, complete with crossings out, with the exception of the Wellesbourne Waltz.

Most of Greg Trice’s music was contained in a manuscript book (The Grey Book) and some loose leaf sheets, lovingly archived by Mick and Sarah Graves, and resurrected during a house move in 2007. Greg was obviously an idiosyncratic composer – and he carved out a classical career after emigrating to Canada in the 80s, but I suspect that nothing that came later would give as much personal pleasure as these tunes.

Nicely packaged, with sincere and at times amusing notes, this booklet is a perfect accompaniment to the CD of 15 Greg Trice tunes performed by Mick and Sarah Graves (also members of the aforementioned Lumps...). The two products can be bought together as a package, and would be a good stocking filler were it the festive season. Great fun.

Grem Devlin

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