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AMY GEDDES AND DONALD KNOX - Fyne Fiddles Volume 1

AMY GEDDES AND DONALD KNOX - Fyne Fiddles Volume 1
Private Label ISBN: 9781999913403

Unusually, this isn’t a straightforward tutor. It starts with ‘Beginner / Intermediate’ and reaches ‘Intermediate / Advanced’ by lesson three! Instead it focuses on lovely tunes (many composed in a traditional style) to demonstrate and deal with various aspects of technique and ways of approaching the instrument. There are also three CDs worth of supporting material, practise suggestions, harmony parts to play along with or against, and an absolute wealth of suggestions as to how to approach performance. There is a valiant attempt to make scales and arpeggios interesting, although perhaps they could also have included broken chords – so useful for hornpipes. Throughout there is imaginative guitar support from Donald Knox, plus ideas as to how to accompany a tune – in fact, I would be pleased to see this aspect expand to its own book.

All fiddle players, of whatever standard will gain much from this book. Fascinating and inspiring…and it’s fun!

Paul Burgess

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