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TRIO DHOORE - Parachute 

TRIO DHOORE - Parachute 
Appel Rekords APR1358

Following quite quickly on the heels of their previous album, Modus Operandi, this release by the three Flemish Dhoore brothers is more of the same: high-quality mainly French style music written by Hartwin Dhoore and played on gurdy, button box and guitars. There's a touch of guest saxophone, but otherwise Parachute is a pure trio recording. With a mix of simple and complex rhythms - up-beat reels, relaxed hanterdros, airs, waltzes and jigs - this CD skips between Berrichon and Baltic sounds with ease, landing briefly in Belgium en route.

The charming Malzacherwals is followed by the well named Offbeat Jig and the inexplicable Very Jeune with lounge lizard sax. The Missing Pipes is close enough to The Moving Cloud to have Neili Boyle twitching, while the waltz Voor Od En Sára returns to that French sound somewhere between Paris café and Pyrenean cow-herd music. Duosprong is firmly in the style of modern hurdy-gurdy music, grinding and visceral, with that Eastern French modal edge, and the final track is a gentle memory of Estonia.

Parachute is a little more polished than Trio Dhoore's previous CD. The playing is smoother, even tighter than before, and the tone is very clean and bright. There's nothing startling here, but the pleasure these brothers derive from playing music together is clearly conveyed. Hartwin's tunes are very enjoyable, from the feather-light to the full-on funky, and the trio's arrangements keep things interesting. Trio Dhoore is definitely worth a listen. 

Alex Monaghan

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