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LOUISE JORDAN - No Petticoats Here

LOUISE JORDAN - No Petticoats Here
Azania AZA04CD

Just when you think there is nothing more to be written about the First World War, another avenue opens up. Much has been sung about, written and explored concerning the Men’s war and admirable as this is, of course it is only half the story. No Petticoats Here is an attempt by Louise Jordan to delve into another rich seam of seldom told material. The woman’s contribution to the war effort was total and in its own way quite extraordinary, for this was the first time that the country was required to mobilise all of its human resources.

This collection of original songs has been carefully crafted by Louise to represent some elements of the stoic resourcefulness, heroism and determination of a few individuals and the tenacious response by women in general, to the challenges of the First World War. This is admirably borne out by the extensive and informative booklet that accompanies No Petticoats Here. This CD, commendable as it is, can be viewed on two levels. As a social document it certainly achieves its aim, however as a CD of music, in my view it is less successful. Viewed as a whole, the songs do stand up to scrutiny, however very few of the songs stand out individually. Often a story is being told in song where there is just too much to tell; self-editing and what to leave out is always a problem, sometimes less is more. A belts and braces attitude to song writing, in my view, is always less effective. Taking the quintessence of a story and distilling it down is the songwriter’s craft, which in turn creates a much finer end result. Of course, there are some fine songs on the CD - Endless Days being one in question, which has the essence of true poetry.

No Petticoats Here is an interesting album of work which will certainly encourage further reflection on the Women’s contribution to the First World War.

John Oke Bartlett

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