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LE VENT DU NORD - Tromper Le Temps

LE VENT DU NORD - Tromper Le Temps
Borealis Records BCD214

This is a slick production from one of the best outfits to come out of Canada in recent years. Now in their 11th year, with several Juno and other awards under their collective belt, Le Vent Du Nord are still going from strength to strength and this recording is a great showcase of their song/tune writing and arrangement abilities.

As ever, traditional style arrangements predominate with call and answer songs and, of course, that infectious and unrelenting rhythm which underpins so much of Québécois music. A mix of traditional tunes and newly composed material sit comfortably together, indeed, unless you were an expert in the genre, it would be impossible to know which was which.

The songs cover surprisingly diverse subject matter - orphaned lyrics set to newly penned tunes, fracking/gas exploration, the dropping of French language radio commentary for ice hockey broadcasts, love songs, suitors turned into dragons by witches and even a newly written letter to the Earl of Durham who was sent from Britain to Canada after the rebellion of 1837-39 in an attempt to assimilate the French speaking communities. Diverse indeed!

Impeccable musicianship, vocals and arrangements throughout, coupled with faultless production, make this an excellent album for anyone who wants to hear some of the best modern Québécois music about. Just try to sit still while listening to it!

Jim Byrne


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