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Blackfly Records BFLY01CD

I had been looking forward to the release of Gnoss’ first CD for quite a while since seeing a few videos of them playing live on a well known internet channel. At first hearing, I was a bit underwhelmed as the spark evident on the live material seemed to be missing. But never one to be put off, repeated playings have proved worthwhile and there is evidence aplenty of the warmth and musical ability this duo possesses.

So who are they? Well they are young (still teenagers at the time of recording I think) but both with a maturity of ability many of a greater age will envy. Graham Rorie, who plays mostly fiddle with added mandolin, and Aidan Moodie on guitar, hail from the Orkneys but are currently studying in Glasgow. Of the ten tracks here, seven are tune sets and three are songs with Aidan providing vocals. My favourite song is a cover of Dirk Powell’s Waterbound, but it is the instrumentals that really allow Gnoss to shine. The fiddle is the dominant instrument, with Aidan providing sympathetic accompaniment on guitar. Both he and Graham have been well captured by Brian Cromarty of The Chair fame. The sleeve notes are a bit sparse but the photography includes some great pictures of Orkney, I presume.

Well worth the perseverance on my part. I predict success for Gnoss, provided they manage to stay together when studies finish, and get out on the road to promote themselves. And I hope they do remember that there is a big market for this type of music south of Glasgow.

Dave Beeby

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