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Bill Whaley & Dave Fletcher "Old Men & Love Songs" BILDA002

Bill Whaley and Dave Fletcher are names that bring a light of joy to the eyes of other singers and folk club organizers whenever their names are mentioned. Not surprising if this record is anything to go by.

Good singing and pleasing accompaniment on concertina and melodeon and a fine range of songs, what more can we ask? Their voices complement each other when singing as a duo and the solo work is of excellent quality. The songs span current folk club favourites such as 'Only Remembered' and 'The Call and the Answer' to songs local to their native Lincolnshire with a lovely 'Stixwould Harvest Song' and 'Lincolnshire Farmer'. It was pleasing to hear Dave Walter's 'Ballerina' (Dave used to be a regular floor singer at my local folk club in the late 1970s) and fine version of 'Rambling Boys of Pleasure' (obviously a fan of Len Graham in the duo). I am sure this record will please their many fans and make converts out of new listeners.

It is always a pleasure to receive a record to review that is so enjoyable that you just have to keep listening to it, one such record is Old Men and Love Songs

Nick Caffrey

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This album was reviewed in Issue 44 of The Living Tradition magazine.