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CALASAIG "Making For The Shore" BKD CD 103

The band are Keith Johnston, Keith and Kirsten Easdale, and Rod Morison. Weaknesses first - on certain arrangements, and overall effect, they seem to be simply retreading familiar sounds produced by others before them (very competently it has to be said). Hear them a bit more, and more character emerges. Some might question the wisdom of putting yet another version of the favourite 'Sally Gardens' on record, when singers like Maura O'Connell, from whose tradition this comes, have already done superb versions. Yet, Kirsten holds up really well on it, and there's original promise on their own 'Travelling West'. It's on items such as this and the trouble taken to come up with a fresh version of the 'Shepherds Wife', that the band raises hopes. If they steer clear of the too well trodden and keep up the edge through songs like their own (again) 'Balshare' they could mature into one of our more creative outfits and, if they make the right choices, could evolve into something formidable. Good sailing!

Hector Christie

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This album was reviewed in Issue 40 of The Living Tradition magazine.