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Bruce MacGregor is a new name to me but on the strength of this recording one to watch out for. I'm presuming that he is a member of Blazin Fiddles as he mentions them on the back of the booklet. Unfortunately I've not heard the band but if this album is anything to go by I'll rectify that at the earliest opportunity. The thing I like about this album is that there's nothing hurried in the overall performance just a nice selection of tunes written and played at a nice tempo. By the way, I utilise the term 'nice' not as a derisory passing remark but as an audio measure of the pace and performance. There's plenty of swing and snap on the assorted strathspeys and reels and a real sense of majesty in the airs without overstepping the mark in trying to be flashy just for the sake of it. The triplets roll seamlessly on 'Farquhar's Rocking Chair/Robin The Diplomat/Falun Aboot' whilst the jigs 'Tomnahurich' and 'The Shambles/The Laggan Boat' provide a gentle sense of movement say created by the swell of a tide pushing a boat along the Loch. Mind you, the inclusion of the Country/Cajun sounding track that is 'The Road To Skye' is a pleasant diversion in that it is unexpected and as Bruce describes it in his sleeve notes ".it is a Country road". The double-stopped fiddle gives a really full sound in a Cajun style and joined by Phil Cunningham on Honky-Tonk piano and accordion solo it sounds as if all the musicians had a gas joining in. OK we'll let him get away with that one and it's nice to see a Scotsman with a sense of humour (only joking!). In addition to the audio picture of the beauty and wildness of Loch Ness the canvas is even extended by the enhanced pictures that accompany the CD when placed on the computer. For further details check out the Blazin Fiddles website -

Pete Fyfe

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