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CEILIDHDONIA - Circadian Rhythms

CEILIDHDONIA - Circadian Rhythms
Brechin All Records CDBAR012

The term “ceilidh” has evolved in many ways from its original meaning of “a meeting”, but in modern Lowland Scotland there is an expectation that a ceilidh will involve a meeting of music and song, more often than not traditional, but also incorporating more modern material. By that definition, then this is the perfect CD.

Sandy Brechin, accordionist and all-round good guy, has got together fellow squeezers Jock The Box, Gary Innes and Gregor Lowrey, fiddlers Ewen Henderson, Ronan Martin and Gavin Marwick, joining them with Dave Cantwell, drums and percussion; Ian Chapman, bass; John Inglis, vocals and guitar; Brian McAlpine, keyboards and guitar; Davy Methven, pipes and Davy Sinclair, mandolin.  As if that’s not enough, Ken McClusky of the Bluebells has a guest spot on backing vocals and harmonica as his song Young At Heart is given a traditionalised makeover, which makes you think it was meant to be done that way all along.

With such a choice of musicians to mix and match, there is a huge range of styles shining through in arrangements and content, but the skeely production of Brian McAlpine ensures that the mixture remains constantly engaging, as we move between songs and dance sets which allow every single contribution to be featured in a crisp, clear and very pleasing manner.

If you want driving jigs and reels, you’ve got them; if you want slower waltzes, they’re there; if you want songs to join in with, or just relax and listen to, they’re included.  All in all, a cracking album from what must be the best-named band of the century.

Gordon Potter

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