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ROD PATERSON "Up To Date" Greentrax CDTRAX197

"Up To Date" is a reissue of two LP's - "Two Hats" (1987) and "Smiling Waved Goodbye" (1988) - with two tracks omitted owing to space. Both albums have been deleted in their original format, which makes this a welcome release. Although there is an argument that says re-releasing a performer's back-catalogue detracts from their current work, I am always pleased to see deleted material reissued. However, I have had some difficulty reviewing this CD. "Up To Date" is a well performed and well produced CD. Rod Paterson is a fine singer and musician, accompanied by equally fine musicians - so why the problem? It is the choice of material. There are some fine traditional songs, and Rod's very full (9.05) version of 'Dowie Den's Of Yarrow' is the highlight of the CD. There are also several nice compositions of Rod's featured. But, bearing in mind that this is a reissue, I would expect Rod's followers to already have this material, if not on CD, and I wonder if readers of this magazine, or those dealing in traditional music, have a need for versions of 'My Funny Valentine', 'Every Time We Say Goodbye' and similar. These are performed complete with a jazzy/bluesy saxophone backing. This is a very pleasant CD, and very easy on the ear, but perhaps better suited to late night listening than the folk club.

Danny Saunders

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This album was reviewed in Issue 40 of The Living Tradition magazine.