Jim Reid

JIM REID - Yont the Tay
Greentrax CDTRAX272

Jim is the writer of what have become two "iconic" songs at club level …‘The Wild Geese (Norland Winds)’ and ‘Up the Noran Water’. He's better known for these two 24-carat beauties than for his own abilities as a performer.

So, what is this? Is it merely an interesting CD, whereby we have a record of Jim singing his two "greatest hits". Actually, no. Jim's slightly creaky, world-weary voice is a thing of beauty in itself and he's chosen a varied collection of songs ranging from other club standards such as ‘Freedom Come All Ye’ and ‘Mormond Braes’, to set alongside his own wee crackers and the slightly lesser-known ‘Daft Donal’. You'll find CDs with more “accomplished" singing and fancier arrangements, but few with more heart-felt, effective and sensitive renderings.

Alan Murray

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