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GIVE WAY - Inspired

GIVE WAY - Inspired
Greentrax CDTRAX280

. in which the sisters from Balerno grow up. This is their second CD and they've gone well past being a novelty act. The music is still almost 100% instrumental, full of youthful enthusiasm and disgracefully good playing. Most of the tunes here are well-known, well-established session favourites or well-chosen gems from the pens of luminaries like John McCusker, Sandy Brechin and Phil Cunningham. No criticism intended . if you're going to pinch tunes, pinch them from the best. Kirsty has taken to singing and should develop that - she has a fine voice.

Not much more to say. Critically . there's some excellent percussion that only occasionally lapses into mid-period-Fairport, trip-around-the-kit heavy-handedness. I would have enjoyed a couple more songs to leaven the tune-rich bread. However, these are picked nits. This is sparkly, tight, exuberant and guaranteed to raise a smile - even if it's a rueful one, 'cos you can't play that well yourself. Lots of fun.

Alan Murray

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