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ROBIN LAING - Whisky For Breakfast

ROBIN LAING - Whisky For Breakfast
Greentrax  CDTRAX361

Career whisky enthusiast Robin Laing continues his exploration of his liquid muse with typical aplomb, with an accomplished supporting cast. The CD comprises 10 originals and two trad arrangements, with a bonus track, Ein Letztes Glas featuring German words by Hans-Willi Ohl to an Ian Sinclair tune (Tak A Dram). This album boasts a much fuller production than previous offerings from RL, which makes for a satisfying listening experience, although I am conscious that much of this will not be reproducible in a live context, as he tends to perform solo shows, but what the heck, it works fine for me from start to finish. Glad to hear a kindred spirit who still believes that whisky is our National drink (and not Buckfast), and can conjure up carefully crafted songs and arrangements that please the ear, and this is only improved with the accompaniment of a wee dram, as he recommends.

David Scott does a masterful job on the knobs and providing the lion’s share of the accompaniments, but honourable mentions also to his spouse and daughter, Ursula and Maisie respectively, on backing vocals, and an all but brief appearance by Jenna Reid on fiddle.

Despite my previously held opinion that Robin had pretty much exhausted the subject with his last (third) whisky CD, I stand corrected – he’s found the mother lode and taken possession of it. A true bard of the water of life. I just pray that he’s got clearance to use the titles of various spirits he name checks, five in songs titles alone and more than I can be bothered counting elsewhere in the body of the songs. As our troubadour whisky ambassador he’s probably safe (mind you I’ve probably upset the monks of Buckfastleigh…).

Grem Devlin

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