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VARIOUS ARTISTS - Greentrax 30th Anniversary: The Special Projects

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Greentrax 30th Anniversary: The Special Projects
Greentrax Recordings CDTRAXS8616

In its own quiet way, Greentrax has been one of the most prolific roots labels in the world. Including various licensing deals, they are responsible for putting close on 500 albums out there, mainly but not exclusively devoted to Scottish music. Even limiting themselves for this collection to the many themed releases they have been responsible for, they have a back catalogue of extraordinary diversity to draw upon.

The gems in this collection are almost too many to list: Hamish Henderson's original version of the 51st Highland Division's Farewell To Sicily – now seamlessly a part of the traditional repertoire; Lizzie Higgins singing The Jolly Beggar; Jean Redpath singing The White Cockade – albeit very briefly and with a rather odd accompaniment. Stalwarts of the Scottish scene and beyond, like Dick Gaughan, The McCalmans and Aly Bain and Phil Cunningham, are on fine form. If I was to attempt the impossible task of picking just one favourite, however, it would be Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas' High Reel Set, on fiddle and cello, licensed from Culburnie Records and just a treat for the ears.

Naturally enough, the range of music involved means that there is an inevitable variation in the texture of recording between tracks. It matters not one jot; this is a bargain bin of great music from one of the giants of the genre.

Dave Hadfield

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