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GEORGE MOSS - Scottish Tradition 15: Pibroch

GEORGE MOSS - Scottish Tradition 15: Pibroch
Greentrax Recordings CDTRAX9015

George Moss was born in the early 20th century in Strathglass. He was not into his teens before he began studying the pipes and learnt in particular from Alex (Sandy) Cameron, piper to Cameron of Locheil. This was a time of change in piping styles and George did not take to the newer style, rarely competing as a consequence.

This fascinating CD is a re-issue of the last of a set of four cassettes showcasing a particular aspect of the pibroch repertoire of the Highland bagpipes and is a distillation of hours of discussion and playing between George and Dr Peter Cooke of The School of Scottish Studies at Edinburgh University. The School of Scottish Studies and Greentrax are to be complimented for issuing such important historical recordings.

It provides an important insight into a style of playing that differs from that played today and consequently will be of interest to students of the pipes and their history. There is discussion on the structure of the tunes, canntaireachd, and played examples on the practice chanter and pipes. At the time, George was not able to play because of illness, but with great resourcefulness the School equipped a chanter with a foot pump and bladder. Later Peter recruited the aid of piper friends who blew up the bag while George fingered the chanter.

The notes issued with the original cassette can be obtained online and contain transcriptions of the discussion and detailed notations of the tunes.

Iain Campbell

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