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Gael Linn  CEFCD161

This handsome package, reissuing the earlier Gael Linn double CD set of Coleman, means that there is now no excuse for anyone who claims an interest in traditional Irish instrumental music not to own it.  Coleman recorded around 100 sides during his life in America, some half of which are reproduced here.  Almost as important as the recordings is Harry Bradshaw’s 80-page biography of the man, plus the definitive discography. 

This is in now in a slightly larger, DVD-sized, more easily-read format and boasts a few new colour photographs as well - the bulk of the text remains the same – a classic of research worn lightly, fascinating in both its illumination of the man and his music as well as the social background from whence he came.  What no-one knows is what turned Coleman from a man who was considered to be not the best player even in his own family, to a musician whose name is revered throughout the world.  The playing is peerless, the booklet is magnificent – what are you waiting for?

Paul Burgess

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