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HANZ ARAKI & KATHRYN CLAIRE - Songs Of Love And Murder

HANZ ARAKI & KATHRYN CLAIRE - Songs Of Love And Murder
The Celtic Conspiracy CELCON004

This is the fourth of four releases reflecting the music and song as featured in Hanz and Kathryn’s very successful touring shows. Songs Of Love And Murder is a collection of traditional murder ballads as well as a few dance tunes – jigs and reels with grizzly titles. The murder ballad is a mainstay of the folk idiom in many cultures but perfected in Scotland, Ireland and England long, long ago - Shakesperean to the downright macabre.

The tracks vary from I Buried My Wife And Danced On Top Of Her, Lord Thomas And Fair Elander, Unlucky In Love, The Banks Of Red Roses and Seven Gypsies, to Wellington’s Advance, Cobbler’s Daughter, William Taylor, Little Musgrave, The Cook, The Thief, Old Hag You Have Killed Me, This Is My Love and Annan Waters.

Hanz (flute and vocal) and Kathryn (fiddle, guitar and vocal) are joined by special guests Gary Novatny (guitar), Joe Trump (percussion) and Suzanne Taylor (piano). They all lend their individual expertise, lyrical knowledge and love of Celtic music to provide some of the strongest and most beautiful elements of the Celtic tradition. Their stage shows also feature dancers. Recording the album mostly live means little overdubbing and gives a refreshing new sound.

Having completed four albums in a year and having successfully covered the cost of manufacture and production, the world is watching this new concept. The four themed albums are turned into themed shows which is a new path to take. All credit must go to the progenitors of this magical bit of business – Hanz and Kathryn.

Kathy & Bob Drage

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