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NITEWORKS - Air Fàir An Là 

NITEWORKS - Air Fàir An Là 
Comann Music CM002 

This is the second full release from Niteworks, a quartet (synth, pipes, bass, drums) from the Isle of Skye who are often mentioned (favourably) in the same sentence along with the Peatbog Faeries or the late Martyn Bennett. Three years after their previous release, this time they are working with noted techno producer Alex Menzies. The material ranges from a St. Kilda lullaby to traditional tunes to contemporary tunes by Mike Katz and Iain Morrrison, as well as original material from the band. They are joined on the title track by SIAN, a trio of Gaelic singers. Julie Fowlis makes a guest appearance, as do Iain Morrison and three members of the Kinnaris Quintet, a string ensemble.

From the first track, you can tell that you are in for something slightly different. It opens with electronic beats, but the pipes come in to take over the tune. In general, the synth and electronics set the rhythm and paint the tone for the piece, before the traditional elements enter. For example, on Highlanders Farewell To Ireland the electronics set up an austere and rugged background, but in the midst of the setting, Fiona MacAskill’s fiddle weaves through the scene, melding the traditional with the electronic. And it all comes together. But what to call it? Let the publicity folks figure that out. Whatever it is to be called, Niteworks’ meeting of the past and present - works.

Ivan Emke

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