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Temple Records COMD2105

I think it was in the late 80s that I first heard a track by Peter Nardini on a Temple sampler. It can’t have made much of an impression on me, because it’s been over years since then and Hug is the next work of his that I am aware of. It’s his fifth and on the strength of this I must check out the others.

In my defence he doesn’t do many gigs due to a debilitating condition which makes strumming difficult and five albums in that time can hardly be called prolific.

His West Highland accent is strong and distinctive. His songs display many emotions, being precisely delivered and full of humour and wit, so we can all empathise with their sentiments. But most of all they paint a picture of a moment in time through telling a story. Every time I listen I hear something new, smile at a different reference, and feel a different emotion.

I think Bum and But Well Then, A’Right would fit into Billy Connolly’s set - providing he still sings that is - whereas we all know the character in Xenophobic Blues, but that is the album’s appeal, we all know someone like the main character in the story (perhaps it’s even us!!)

The excellent sleeve notes explain the songs, with Mike Katz providing most of the musical instrumentation. Mike Whellans adds percussion, while Peter treats us to harmonica on some tracks. This would make an interesting band to take Hug on tour - if it came anywhere near I’d be first in the queue for tickets.

Well worth the wait.

Dave Beeby


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