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DUNCAN MCCRONE - Colourblind

DUNCAN MCCRONE - Colourblind
Circular Records CR1039

Duncan is a Scottish singer songwriter who is no stranger to the folk scene north of the border, having played in various guises for many years now. This is his third album, and though it is labeled a “solo” venture, he is joined by many musical friends who provide lovely instrumentation throughout. Duncan, however, is never far from the fore, and the songs are the focus rather than flashy arrangements or musical virtuosity (though, no doubt his very talented friends are well capable of both!)

Most of the songs are Duncan’s, co-written with long time friend and collaborator Cy Jack. There are a few from other songwriters, and Robert Burns’ Ae Fond Kiss completes the mix.

Of his own songs, the title track and Never A Soldier stand out. Colourblind is an imaginative account of how Duncan’s great grandfather’s love for painting led to differences of opinion between him and his wife. Never A Soldier provides some thought provoking insight into how some of us are lucky enough to escape the horrors of war, and some not. In both songs, Duncan is very much the storyteller, and it seems like he sees himself as a custodian of these family stories, and that his job is to pass them on. These two songs fare better than some of his others, but in general he does this well.

Throughout the album, you get the sense that you are engaging with a real man, with real stories to tell about real people. There is no clever gimmick here, just a man and his songs, and for that reason, it works.

Fiona Heywood


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