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DAOIRÍ FARRELL - A Lifetime Of Happiness 

DAOIRÍ FARRELL - A Lifetime Of Happiness 
Private Label DAOIRICD002 

Just occasionally, you come across a singer so talented, so natural, that you feel you might as well give it all up and just listen in awe. Such a one is Daoirí Farrell. Over the last two or three years his reputation’s mushroomed, and deservedly so, as this latest offering amply demonstrates.

Most of the songs are well known classics of the Irish repertoire, mainly (but not exclusively) traditional. He can turn his voice, as rich and complex as a fine whiskey, from the delicate sentiments of Sweet Portadown to an exhilarating canter through The Hills Of Granemore and on to the down to earth pragmatism of A Pint Of Plain effortlessly and to excellent effect. The recording concludes with what in my view is a masterclass in the interpretation of a song – Liam Weldon’s Via Extasia – which is not only sublimely well executed, but which he manages to take to new heights that could not have been scaled by a lesser singer.

It’s some measure of Daoirí’s abilities that he’s gathered together a galaxy of musicians to provide accompaniment, including his hero Frank Harte’s collaborator Donal Lunny, who partners him throughout the album, while other well-respected names add their considerable talents as and when required.

You may notice that there’s no criticism in this review.

John Waltham

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