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MAZ O’CONNOR - Upon A Stranger Shore

MAZ O’CONNOR - Upon A Stranger Shore
Demon Barber Sounds DBS005

Maz is one of the new wave of talent hitting the scene at the moment due to the older new wave and the impact they made. A product of Folkworks summer schools, Fylde festival, and, I am not sure she will relish this one, making guest appearances with her brother’s band Last Orders during her mid teens. That’s where I first saw her but don’t think I would have remembered if it hadn’t been for Upon A Stranger Shore arriving for review. And I am glad it did.

The material on this CD ranges from the traditional South Australia, her own composition Rambling Free, a couple of patchworks and a surprise choice or two. There is one track, Leaving Of Liverpool, which should have been left well alone as most people of my age will not be able to listen without the memories of awful versions in the clubs of the sixties and seventies, and of a certain style of sweater! As the rest of Upon A Stranger Shore shows, she is capable of better than this track, and I might have preferred the inclusion of others from her live performances as mentioned in her publicity material.

Apart from that this is a good CD and promises much for the future. I am sure she will reach a wider audience as a result of Damien Barber’s involvement, and the Time Gentlemen Please show (newly renamed The Lock In). A good debut and well worth a listen.

Dave Beeby

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