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KAREN TWEED & DAVE MALLINSON - The Piano Accordion: Absolute Beginners

KAREN TWEED & DAVE MALLINSON - The Piano Accordion: Absolute Beginners
Dave Mallinson Productions DMPCD1106 & ISBN: 9781899512799

A book which gives detailed piano accordion tuition designed to speed up the learning process. The CD accompanies this and has 89 tracks including all the scales, counting and modes as well as tunes from Jingle Bells to Drowsy Maggie.

The book goes through introducing music basics for squeezers, the history and construction of the piano accordion, the treble keyboard, right hand keys, left hand keys and the musical ladder. Then on to both hands together, the three chord trick, traditional music and all the keys and various time signatures.

Each page has detailed diagrams, illustrations and tunes appropriate to them. Single reels and polkas are illustrated by Shepherd’s Hey, Shave The Donkey and Young Collins; waltzes and mazurkas by The South Wind and Shoe The Donkey; single jigs and military two-steps by Constant Billy and MacNamara’s Band; slip jigs and slides by Drops Of Brandy and Scattery Island; American reels and Irish polkas by Uncle Reuben, Egan’s Polka and Tralee Gaol; hornpipes by The Keel Row; double jigs by The Blackthorn Stick; rants and double reels by Durham Rangers, Drowsy Maggie and The Fairy Dance.

A concise, clearly laid out and printed book that should encourage any new piano accordionist to play. And being able to hear the tunes on the CD is especially helpful.

Kathy and Bob Drage


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