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LES BARKER - Daydream Retriever

LES BARKER - Daydream Retriever
Mrs Ackroyd Records DOG021

Les Barker, live, at his best, with some of everyone’s favourite Les poems. ‘Nuff said? OK – I’ll elucidate a bit. This is Les Barker caught at his best (i.e. in front of a live audience, all of whom have sore sides from laughing). He’s live at the Bromyard Folk Festival in 2014.

Here we have the classic Dachshunds With Erections Can’t Climb Stairs. If Les is new to you, I’ll just quote the killer line from this sad tale of the lovelorn dachshund at the foot of the stairs, with a beautiful lady dachshund at the top… “The dog who doesn't care will be the dog who wins the day. You'll never get to heaven with your chopper in the way.”

And that is Les Barker’s genius. He thinks of silly, ridiculous (but perfectly logical) things that you and I can’t. We can laugh at “the boy who was raised by lemmings … I wonder where he’s gone?” But do you have a mind as inventive, logical and silly as that? This recording also contains the touching Have You Got Any News Of The Iceberg?, where a forlorn polar bear is interested in the iceberg – not the Titanic itself (his family was on the iceberg). I won’t say any more ‘cos it would spoil the jokes. This isn’t an intentional “Best of Les Barker” but it comes close. If you need cheering up, this is the very fellow for you.

Alan Murray

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