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BRUCE & WALKER - Born To Rottenrow

BRUCE & WALKER - Born To Rottenrow
Greentrax Recordings DVTRAX2023

Ian Bruce and Ian Walker are well known singers and songwriters in their own right and worked as a duo some years ago before pursuing solo work. They have recently reformed, causing quite a buzz with their mix of new and old songs. These new ones in particular have been really well received by audiences.

This CD comes also with a DVD, which was filmed in Ian McCalman’s Kevock Digital Studio before invited friends and includes songs from the older repertoire: Blodwen’s Dream, Blue Denim Days, Mellow, Hawks And Eagles, Some Hae Meat, The Beans Joke, Singing The River and The Lea Rig. There is a guest appearance by Fraser Bruce singing The Grey Funnel Line and The Hills Of Isle Au Haut and a line-up of very talented session musicians includes Shaun Blandford (bass and electric guitars), Carol Jamieson (piano and backing vocals), Stewart Hardy (fiddle), Victor Besch (accordion) and Richard Werner (percussion).

The future is looking particularly bright for Bruce & Walker, an extremely talented duo which is much sought after.

Kathy & Bob Drage

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