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Errogie Records ERROGIE04CD

Following Squall (2015), here’s another solo release from this renowned fiddler, composer and teacher, indigene of Errogie in the Scottish Highlands, and associate of a slew of progressive fusion ensembles (Treacherous Orchestra, Session A9, Peatbog Faeries, Babelfish, Croft No. 5 et al.).

The “other land” is Adam’s personal realm of slumberland from which most of the melodies of the original, essentially instrumental, tracks presented here were derived. The cover notes describe his vivid hypnoidal dream sequences during REM (“a surprising new and regular occurrence in my musical journey”) from which “each time”, arriving unbidden, there’s “a different scene…and a new wisp of fragrant melody blowing in”.

Accompanied by Marc Clement (guitar), John Paul Speirs (bass), Iain Copeland (drums), Hamish Napier (keyboards, vocals), John Somerville (accordion) and Steve Forman (percussion), commissioned and gift tune pieces sit amidst music inspired by the Highlands and life experiences (including, more nightmare than ecstasis, one involving an ailing 1992 Lada Niva and an aborted journey from Kent to Glasgow!).

Predictably wide in its compass, there are waltzes tinged with jazz manouche elasticity, an appealingly atmospheric (but far too short!) dabble with Indian classical music (Alap), ample folk reference and sensibility, some modal feel and (sometimes feeling less venturesome and rather more prosaic) drum driven rock elements. Throughout, there is plentiful movement and rhythmic variety (with much syncopation, jazz and funk inflection, often with catchy repeating patterns) and all is, of course, interwoven and decorated with Adam’s melodic and fluent fiddle work.

Kevin T. Ward

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