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DLŮ - Moch 

DLŮ - Moch 
ARC Music EUCD2956 

Derived from dlùth (closeness), the dawning (moch) moment for young Gaelic quintet DLÙ (a debut release some three years in the making), is a tight weave of the traditional and progressive with elements from rock and funk in particular.

The instrumental prowess of Andrew Grossart (drums), Moilidh NicGriogair (violin), Aidan Spiers (electric guitar), Zach Ronan (accordion) and Jack Dorrian (bass) comes with guest singer Joseph McCluskey, vocalising puirt à beul on Ràcan (drake) and in choral harmony with the band on the epically anthemic and powerful parting piece, Bràighe Loch Iall (the Braes of Loch Eil), the subject of an arresting video.

The arrangements of the 12 tracks (two trad songs and original tunes by Moilidh and Zach), are all their own. Recorded in Edinburgh and the Isle of Lewis, the sound engineering is excellent and serves their dynamic range, sophisticated melodic interplay and rhythmical intricacies supremely well. Their music is a collage of styles teeming with movement and mood. There are atmospheric and ambient sequences, with stirring presence and evocative overtones, and sections of powerfully energetic, progressive and pacy music, with some surprising interval shifts, subtle infusions and sassy syncopation.

It all comes with lavish artwork that also makes an impressive opening statement. Keenly and proudly intent on promoting their Gaelic identity, this is a contemporary band, with evident verve and significant potential on the mondial festival circuit, especially Celtic styled events. Building on the limited but dramatic vocal complement here would surely enhance those buoyant opportunities even more.

Kevin T Ward


This review appeared in Issue 144 of The Living Tradition magazine