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A. L. LLOYD "England and her Traditional Songs" Fellside FECD173

Along with Ewan MacColl, Bert LLoyd repesents the start of the folk revival to we of a certain age. All those involved in English traditional song now owe a debt to these men- against all odds these songs stored by the near cryogenic notation of turn of the century collectors burst forth on the air-waves thanks to Ewan and Bert. This album which by-the-by was the very first collection of English traditional songs released on vinyl, includes a clutch of the finest including A Sailor's Life, Salisbury Plain, George Collins, Lovely Joan and Broomfield Hill. All the songs here are from the Penguin Book of English Folk Songs which Bert and Ralph Vaughan Williams compiled in 1959. Fellside has already released one album of songs from this book, and of more recent vintage, with appearances by Linda Adams, Martin Carthy, Jez Lowe, and Roy Harris (FECD 47). Bert Lloyd's singing is wonderful on this album, some of the tracks are unaccompanied and others have the stylish and sensitive concertina accompaniments of Alf Edwards. This album will appeal to all those who remember the first time they heard a folk song on steam radio, but for the younger generations looking for the tap roots of English song, Bert is an excellent guide. Thank you Fellside!

Tony Kendall

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