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422 - Major Third

Major Third
Fellside Recordings FECD191

The work of 422 will probably be known by the readers of The Living Tradition. They were winners of the BBC Radio 2 Young Folk award in 1999 and as the title suggests this is their third album. The members of 422 are Emily Ball (violin), Sophy Ball (violin), Joey Oliver (whistles, oboe), Sam Pirt (accordion) and Ian Stephenson (guitar). Fine musicians all, their material includes tunes from Britain, Europe and Canada. Everything is intricately and sympathetically arranged and played with flawless enthusiasm - very pleasant indeed. On one occasion it was said to me that "even people who don't like folk music will enjoy this, it's very easy on the ear." This statement is true, but is a bit if a backhanded compliment, the implication being, I think, that 'Major Third' is a little too smooth.

I agree that there are no rough edges here, but you wouldn't expect any from a band that is so together and pay such attention to the details. A small variety of pace may have given the impression of ruggedness, but would not have added anything to what 422 do. There is life and fun enough here.

'Major Third' is a fine, well played, well produced CD of less common tunes and arrangements, and deserves al the success I'm sure it will achieve.

Danny Saunders

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